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Some new highland photos

Here's the right side of the highland tank, the hamata has started to vine already and had to be moved down one shelf.

N.hamata's vine is nearly black and has the texture of leather-even the newest/youngest stem is black quite soon after forming. I like this plant more and more! The leaves at the top are thinner and the tendrils longer so maybe it will do some intermediate or uppers soon...?

N. rajahs latest output 7.5 cm


N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana seems to be coming along-I heard it from the source himself that this is a natural hybrid  from seed collected from N. burbidgeae! (not a hybrid made in a nursery)

N. ephippiata about 3.5 cm high

The newest pitcher on the N. inermis will be a big 'un (mid left unopened yet and still dark green)

I hope you like them!
Great photos & plants Josh

How long have you had the rajah? And what what size was it when you got it?
The hamata stem buds seem to to be developing
Very good colour.
I hope to get a N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana in time


Nice Nepenthes pics you got there, swords.
I rather like the manner in which you are growing the inermis. Does that work well?
I picked up the N. rajah when it was about 2" in diameter (about 6cm) in June 2002. Now the plant will be around 40cm when the next leaf unfurls completely.
This one and the N. hamata have been real fast for highlanders, for a comparison the inermis came at the same time!
Very impressive! Your plants look very happy and healthy.

What is your set-up, in particular, how are you cooling. I think you may have posted this alreay. If you have tell me where or when so I can do a search. I need to set up a lowland area for my plants, (2) small rajah.

Hey Josh, those are some great pics, I'm very jealous!!
You are making me green with envy
Anyways, nice pics, and after having my rajah for a few months, its total diamater has increased about an inch to an inch and a half, so now I know what I have to look forward to!!
Also, I love hamata, I have this guy as well, quite the plant! I can't wait for it to get like that, how long have you had that guy? Also, the rajah is a huge overall plant as well, nice job on the growchamber, and nice plants, thanks for sharing!!
why is it you have your neps apparently hanging from netting? I am wondering as I prepare my neps for winter, what temp you keep your tank at? all my neps are in hanging baskets.
You'd better hope i dont fly over there one day and mug you, with your huge bicalcaratas, hamatas, rajas, cephalotus, and macrophyllas!
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Awesome neps swords, I am speechless
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I got the N. rajah, hamata, inermis and lowii at the same time (June 2002) all were about 6-8 (3") cm in diameter except the hamata which was about 10cm (4") in diameter.

My highland plants have a continuous flow of cool air that is humidified with an ultrasonic humidifier before it reaches the tank. The air comes from outside a window (except in winter it's too cold so the "in" fan sucks cold air from the inside surface of the shut window). My cooling/air flow setup is simply a 4" flexible duct tube from home depot attached to a 4" Computer Fan  from radio shack. When it gets too hot in summer for natural nightime temps to cool it (june-august) I just set the input fan in front of my air conditioner and that takes care of it.

The netting is heavy plastic poultry netting ("chicken wire") this allows me to hang small neps til they get too big (basically it's just a space saver) plus many of my orchids are mounted on cork bark panels or tubes and "hydrologs" so I can hang them from hooks this way. Neps aren't the best for doing this as they can fall out of their pots if they get too long. If the pitcher tendrils grab the netting then it's ok and is more stable. If you have many tiny Neps though it can really be a lifesaver until you design a new enclosure. I haven't seen the person ("Arie" from Israel) make any posts in a while but he/she showed their terrarium completely filled with pots hanging like this. I hope the netting never got loose cos I could well image the $$$ lost of they all came crashing down!

If you have large neps in hanging baskets I guess my thought would be build a large enclosure and instead of a bench just run some 1" steel pipe lengthwise through the enclosure about 6-12" below the lid and then hang them inside from the pipes. I have one nep in a hanging basket in my lowland showerstall hanging that way and it seems to work well. Don't forget to measure the diameter of your plants and make space for them if they aren't full size cos I've noticed pitchers that sit on terrarium and enclosure walls will die faster or even rot before they form (due to wetness) so I like to leave a bit of space so the plants are not touching the walls at all.
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Wow... That hamata is awesome! I really can't wait to make a highland chamber/greenhouse, I just HAVE to get a hamata!

Unfortunately my rajah is starting to decline, i saw the first pitcher bud too! (Thats right! It didn't even grow 1 centimeter in an entire year! Made no pitchers either!

I envy your rajah