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some more Nep. photos

here are some few more photos from my UK CP tour
N. lowii

another N. lowii

N. hamata

N. aristolochioides

hope you enjoy the photos at least as I had enjoyed see them
at those nice collections.
Arie, very nice and also high quality pics indeed! There is only one thing much better than seeing those plants on your photos - seeing them every day in the own collection...

I hope you had a good time in europe!

That is true
as main are still too small compare to this ones and I need to wait and enjoy the ones I seen in my visit
Thanks I sure had a great time
and I must say I thank all the UK growers that invite me to see thier collections (as I had in other countries too).
Realy nice, i like the spikes in lowii and hamata
Very nice! Nice operculum hairs on Lowii. Nice red flush in the Hamata and great Aristolochioides!
nice pictures!! those are some mean looking pitchers!