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Sold as a Nx "Coccinea" but what is it really?

Today I just felt like stopping by the general garden center and they had some large nepenthes marked as Nepenthes x "Coccinea" but I have my doubts cos the other coccinea I have has squat pitchers with wide bottoms and paper thin leaves (but is not deep lipstick red like the ones I've seen in books and online).

This plant I got today has tall slim spotted pitcher with real wide wings and very thick leaves. If any of you guys have any guesses as to what it might really be I'd be glad to take the suggestions!

heres the plant:
<image src="http://the-natural-aquarium.com/unknown602.jpg">

and here's a close up of the pitcher:
<image src="http://the-natural-aquarium.com/unknownp602.jpg">

Thanks for any thoughts!
That definitly isn't Coccinea! I don't have a clue as to what it is though. I think that it looks a little like spathulata, but I don't know.
But whatever it is, it's definitly a hybrid of some sort.

Sorry for not being of any use...

Hmm..looks alot like my Gublers nep (i think its a maxima X?) do you noe the company?
There no company name or logo on the tag, only the logo of the company who printed the tag.
The tag looks like this
<image src="http://the-natural-aquarium.com/coccineatag.jpg">

Codes on tag read:

There is no comapny name or logo on the tag. reverse of tag has very simple care instructions in Dutch, English, Spanish and French (in that order).

Clearly the tag is on the wrong plant. but all the nepenthes were this hybrid with these tags. The workers are no help cos they are so dumbfounded taht a plant can produce 6-7" pitchers that hold water (they don't even know it's carnivorous) they have no clue what it is and are surprised when I tell them what it is...

That's this garden shops standard for you though.

Excuse me do you know the name of this plant?
Hmm, I'm not sure, let me ask my supervisor..
Sir that's a "green" plant!
Much different from any of the Gubler Nep's i've seen people have. Most are the same as RamPuppy's, but one person in these forums has one like N. ventricosa. I'd like to see a photo of your plant, Ceph88, if possible.

That plant reminds me of Maxima x Rafflesiana or something similar.

X coccinea can have greener pitcher when young or when grown in lower light levels.

Another thing that shows that it is not X coccinea, is because your leaves are rounded at the ends, X coccinea is very pointed.

X coccinea, I think this is from sword's site? I hope it's a different plant otherwise i'd look dumb.
But this one really looks like coccinea. What a coincidence that I ran into your site trying to get pictures!


Bright one...
Looks very much like the Nep. hybrid I got from Home Depot. The plant came from Gubler's.

From other past postings, Gubler does not know the hybrid type of the Nep. they sell.

Does anyone have a picture of a true Nep. x coccinea to compare with?
Yes Statik, that pic you posted of mine is the 1st nepenthes I bought labeled as x "Coccinea" last year and it does have long sharply pointing leaves - which are almost as thin as the 20# paper in my printer! It's pitchers never seem to color up darker than the pitcher in the photo though, not at all like the second one you posted. My other pitcher varieties color up in the terrariums but this stays kinda green with pinkish spots and a pink edged peristome.

I'm begining to think they just put a tag on it so they had some sort of ID tag for the plant... I might try calling the garden shop and see if their plant buyer person is of any help with where they got it from or what they ordered.
ill get my pic up asap. odd...so many stoe dedicate selling cp's to distributers and dey dun even noe the species lol.

my gublers is a bit smaller but looks exactly like it! maybe gublers sells 2 hybrids? well, the only difference i see is that mine has a darker lip.
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The pitchers on my "real coccinea" (maybe) look most like those but without all the red. Will only real sunlight give them that deep red? When I got mine (from the same greenhouse) the leaves were bigger but the pitchers were still quite green without much red varigation.
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My gubblers is definatly not ventricosa, or the one that ceph has... I think its ventrata...
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To me, it kind of looks like a N. x mixta