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Soils for adelae and prolifera?


I don't have any LFS moss, so what else can D. Adelae and D. Prolifera grow well in? If they must be grown in LFS moss to be happy then do I use only the moss or mix it with other things like sand? Thanx for the help

I only grow Drosera adelae, but surely both species have similar requirements. I have grown it in differents substrate, but the 2 which gave me the better results were pure LFS and sphagnum moss mixed with perlite (50/50%). The last one gave me better results. Hope this help.
I grow mine in a peat, fine sand 80:20 mix and sit it in water. This seems to work very well for me. My plant got upto about 8" leaves but is shrinking as it is quite cold here at the moment. I also have some in peat, coarse sand 50:50 which are not doing as well and one in LFS, which is doing OK. I have just planted a heap of cuttings in a peat, fine sand, perlite mix, will be interesting to see how they grow once it warms up.


This is a 10" pot to give you an idea of size. You can (just) see a adelae pot with peat, coarse sand, I think this is to heavy a mix.

What you use as a potting media needs to suit your growing conditions, so what works for one person will not neciceraly work for you.

I grow profilera, along with schizandra and adelae, in LFS. I don't add anyother items like perlite, etc. Adelae will do fine in peat/sand or peat/perlite (50/50). Profilera likes a more roomy soil for roots, so i like LFS for it. It will fair ok in peat/sand, or even better, peat/perlite. Just keep them shaded until they start putting out new leaves, so you know they have adujusted. Good luck-Zach