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Soil for my boo boo's

Im Going to transplant new neps i just got not the two in the pict in a diffrent topic i posted here.. these two new ones are lacking soil around the roots I can see some roots and they are wobbly .... There are also some baby next to the base with traps about a 1/4 inch big and open was thinking of getting them out and in a new pot also..

So what do I use for soil?
Little boo boo's like loose soil. Long fibered spahgnum moss should be the main ingredient- from there, most everyone will disagree.

orchid bark
tree fern root
spahgnum peat
coconut fiber

are ingredients that some people add. LFS (long-fibered spahnum) however with a little bit of spahgnum peat and perlite does fine without getting too complicated. Just keep it heavy on LFS. I never measure so I can't tell you exactly. Have fun with it and as you grow you will find the mixture you like.

The mix I use is LFS with just a little bit of vermiculite, pumice, perlite, spahgnum peat, and charcoal that I bought and crushed. And orchid bark and tree fern root when I have them. If I don't have something, then i just do without it. Sometimes this extra "stuff" is more for the growers (aka plant slaves) than for the plants

Hope that helps. Good luck with your little boo boo's

Regards, Jonathan
That is, if you decide to plant them.

Hi Hamata
Thanks for the soil tip I had some long fiber and some shreeded peat and some pealite... mixed them together and used them... The nep has leaves that are almost 10 inches long but with dead traps on them and a few just starting with little buds... there are some dead traps about 4 inches long and shriveled up.. I assume this size plant could produce some decant sized traps.... Oh the pot is a 10 inch pot glazed clay pot and the leaves from the center plant hang over the lip of the pot about two inches.. the plant is a raff something I will spell it later :eek:)