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Feb 1, 2002
South Florida
i am SURE this was here before and i read RP's post in the other thread but i am NOT sure how to do it, my VFT has made 1 black bulb, i cut it off with sharp swiss army scissors. SO NOW the leaf is turning black, what do i do? cut off all the black? and i am having another one turning a little blackish im sure its dieing too, past 3 days we have had rain and NO sun maybe 2 hrs worth of. i tried a lamp that i have in my room for reading, didnt see it work much. and i am makign my terrarium soon with lights but dont got em yet. but should i cut off ALL the black stuff i see or just the bulb and if the leaf goes black its no prob. but i read that it needs its nutrients from all the green stuff. so if anyone could please be a little specific on how to do it. i kinda understodd it before but didnt get it much. so all i think i do is cut off all the black parts off the plant.... but what if it has black spots on the sides?

Sep 25, 2001
United Kingdom
Hi. First of all, don't put your reading lamp near your flytrap. A tungsten bulb is too hot and the light that comes out of it is no use to plants because the spectrum is wrong.
Also, your flytrap won't be harmed by a few days of gloom. It's spring and it won't be expecting wall to wall sunshine.

As a rule you should cut off black bits but sometimes some bits go black and some parts stay green and it makes it difficult.

It's a bit hard to explain the cutting bit - I've e-mailed you a brilliantly drawn (snigger) diagram of what to cut and what not.