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it will depend on what species of snail you have. i would say that most snails eat the algae and will leave your plants alone. i had lots of snails in with my aquatic utrics and the snails never ate them.
I got ram's head and the black small snails in one of my water gardens and I had to remove all of my aquadic bladderworts because the snails were eating them and I did not have time to drain and clean the pond. I don't know how they were able to attach to the free floating plants but they were. If you had one snail it may be ok, but if it lays eggs you are in trouble. However, if you want some just drop me a message and I will send you all you want.
I don't get along very well with slugs or snails...upon finding slugs chowing down on a Zantedeschia, I tried feeding a few to N. x coccinea, but as it turns out, slugs are a bad food for cp. CP are not a bad food for slugs and snails, however.

They are most active at night, so hunt for them then, with a flashlight.

A wonderful pic is here. Enjoy.