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Smallest nepenthes crossed with a rajah

What do you think a N. rajah oy any other very large nepenthes crossed with a very small nepenthes like N. ampullaria size or smaller would look like?
there is a (spec. palawan 1) on andrews web page that is supposed to look like a small rajah. no picture listed that i know of thu.
I think we had this question (or a similar one) before.

Chances are the offspring would be kind of dull actually. When you cross two extreme species they often cross each other out, which is reasonable when you think about it logically.
Big + small = medium

You tend to get much more interesting hybrids when you cross species with similar extreme features - something like hamata and edwardsiana or veitchii and jacqu. for example.

Cheers, Troy.
Hamata and edwardsiana cross.
That would be da bomb!
Or Hamata x Edwardsiana x Villosa x Macrophylla x Rajah That would be an AWESOME hybrid.
N.g., from just guess what it would turn out to look like. that would be one mean huge looking pitcher with god knows how many fangs.
sounds kool to me and the colors it would put out wow.
maybe N. ovata + veitchii + jacquelineae + spathulata = nepenthes with a huge peristome (it would be my favorite nep)
How about a (vetichii x bicalcarata) x hamata Now that would be cool!
how about

truncata (lowland) x truncata(highland)
lowii x villosa, just for the fun of it
I want a lowii with "teeth"

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If you crossed the two temperamental Truncata's you would create an awesome giant truncata. The highland form is supposed to be bigger than the lowland form! Imagine how big the plant would be...or better yet the pitchers!
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N.g., yes i thought of that but the only problem w/ doing so is finding the highland truncata out in the market. only person right now that i can find that has it is Borneo. already got 2 lowland truncatas
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Would someone be interested in explaining the difference between the highland form and the lowland form of N. truncata?

I know I could find this out myself but i thought it would bennefit the forum community.

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From what i've heard, the highland form has much bigger pitchers and it is also hairyer. The highland form can have black or red pitchers, but the black is very rare