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Small green dragons for trade

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Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone is interested in two small green dragons that I have. They are sister plants of a larger VFT that I have. The mother plant is currently producing traps about an inch and a half in size.

I would expect these little VFT's to do very good, I am not really looking for anything in perticular (spelling?) Maybe some sarracenia seeds, but whatever, any CP. If you are interested just post something that you are willing to trade or pm me if you'd like.
Would you be interested in some tdb waterlilies,hornwort,myriophilum,varigated water celery,nymphoides aquatica,and purple stem taro?
Trading plants that petflytrap carries is not allowed. Why? Cause every time someone would trade a plant pft had, he would loose 5-25 dollars. if everyone did it, it owuld add up to over a thousand dollars. then he would go out of buisness
. then the forum wouldn't exsist
. if oyu are going to trade plants pft has, please do it over private message, not publicly.
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