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Six inches

I've been looking through a few books, and also at some sites on the net, but I'm stuuuuck!

I want to have a rarish drosera in a six in pot, for my terrarium, to sorta tie up the collection...

If you've read my post in general discussions about moving, you know my predicament...

Just curious if anyone knows of a cool dew that likes coolish temps, and grows moderatly large in diamter, but not in height...

tanks so so much!
I would try D. paradoxa. Besides being beautifull, it grows to about the dimenshions you described. However, be sure to aquire the proper conditions and skill required for this species.

Of course, there is another quite beautifull Drosera that fits the size requirements nicely. It is in fact one of my favorites. Rare however, it is not: Drosera capensis. Great one to show guests though.


EDIT - skip the first part. I didn't notice that you had said "warm" comditions. My bad.
Large sundew, cool temps.....hmmmm, I suppose D. capensis is out, huh?  There are some interesting forms: maybe several varieties in one pot? Another consideration is making a sort of "one pot display"  Put a couple of taller gowers the back of the pot: D. adelae, capensis, binata, followed by a couple semi-upright species like D. spatulata "Tamlinosa" or D. slackii (which gets a stem as it ages), or D. venusta "coccicaulis", place a couple of flat rosettes in front and you have a gooey arrangement.  They will adjust to the cramped quarters.  They might grow smaller for you than otherwise, but that's what you want, right?  There aren't that many large droserae, and I think D. capensis is the best choice for what you want.  The D. capensis x rubra that is about in trade is a very beautiful plant, and I think that it would be my choice for the conditions you specify, provided you can give it the light it needs for the color to develop.
Hmm, thanks.
Yes, perhaps a sort of "garden" would be interesting... My other pots will probably have some utrics in them , so why not other dews in with them, right? OOooh...

What about like... A capensis in the middle with say, little guys all around. Like burmannii or somthing, perhaps perennial though... You know?

Thanks for the ideas guys!!!
If you treat Drosera burmannii right it is a perennial. I like your ideas, but suggest you keep only one Utricularia per pot. You can always put them in with some other genus, but keep the species apart or they will compete.
Yeah. I was thinking a utric with the Heliamphora, and maybe a small one with the Ceph... I don't know what to put in, if anything, with the U. alpina... If I get a P. gigantea, I don't think I'll have room in the pot for anything else, will I? Or maybe. Hrmph. Maybe I'll get a nep instead of dew. It's still up in the air.

I must think, my brain is starting to hurt... :S
What about a northern spoon sundew. They are a fertile hybred of the flate sundew and the round leaf sundew.
Because it's temperate.

Thanks though.