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similarity in new zealand drosera?

ive noticed that the babies of schizandra and adelae look very much alike(by baby i mean the little plants that popped out of the roots). wierd, cuz, in time..they all cjhange into the adult looking plants. any reason y?
D.adelae and schizandra come from Queensland, AU not New Zealand. Adelae and schizandra grow in the same areas and are very much a like when they are small.
You can add to these two a third Queensland species: Drosera prolifera. These are all humidity loving species, doing best at 80-100% humidity. I have the best success with lower lighting, and have them at the ends of the grow lights (the ends of the flourescent bulbs have a lower output: heep the higher light loving plants in the center) These species prefer to be left alone once a suitable place has been found.