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Silver lining...

Today I did one of my all too regular knocking a Nep over act

Still the plant remained in its pot seems undamaged and revealed a big pesky earwig that had been hiding in the new leaf which only just started to unfurl! Why are pests so darned clever at hiding? Still the N. mira is enjoying it now...


ugh! If ever there were a more perverse and disgusting house insect I haven't seen it! I hate earwigs with their big pincher butts!
I knocked over my cobra lily yesterday :p and some of my seedlings... big stain on the carpet

the good thing is they both survived

I say roaches are more discusting.
Not all earwigs are pest. Some actually are beneficial and eat other pest insects.
I have never,ever seen one. My only knowledge of them is from early D&D, where one's character could place their to a doorlock, and end up with a nasty thing in their ear, lol.


[b said:
Quote[/b] ]ugh! If ever there were a more perverse and disgusting house insect I haven't seen it!

Have you ever crawled around at dawn in your kitchen (no, I wasn't doing anything suspicious nor was I on any substance, legal or otherwise)? I remember being welcomed by quite a few silverfish. They freak me out. I never kill any bug that isn't a pest though.

I used to have a massive fear of moths, even the tiniest ones. I'd have to call my younger sister to get rid of them. Now it's vice versa, whenever there's an insect in the house I'm the only one capable of grabbing them with my bare hands (not the ones I know are potentially dangerous) and letting them go outside. Heck, I've never killed a wasp or bee that wandered into the house or classroom.

I had a quick showdown with a scorpion in the bathroom once back when I lived in Mexico City. I flipped a folded mat with my bare foot and the darn thing almost got my toes. I let that one out as well with the help of a jar. It was quite something to creep out slowly, but it was nice to see the wildlife thriving in such a suburb!