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Silly plant contest

I think I did explained it about a thousend times: The lid protects the pitcher opening from rain diluting the pitcher fluid. To do this the lid has to stand above the opening! - Well, it seems for one of my plants this still wasn't clear after all:


This is a pitcher of my extraordinary clever N. inermis x ventricosa... So never ever trust a hybrid!

I don't have pictures of any, but my ventricosa periodically produces pitchers with similar lids, though the peristome doesn't form on them either, and they die very fast. Something like 1 in 8 or so pitchers usually, and always at times when it the plant is growing the fastest.
Do I trust my own eyes? Is the lid growing INTO the pitcher? Like it was put on upside down? Wow. That may not be very practicle for the plant, but it sure looks cool!
Sure is a "cheeky" little guy.
Kinda cute. Maybe ya aughta explain how the lid is supose to go on one more time