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silkworm on nepenthes


my friend gave me a silkworm and i put in on my nepenthes. It wont eat it because they only eat mullberry leaves, but its still pretty cool looking! Its cool when it just starts hanging from its silk from a leaf! it looks like its hovering! Ill get a pic of it soon!
Neat! Just be careful it doesn't get caught!
Why not go to where you friend got it and get a small Mulberry tree perhaps! That would be neat!
Thats waht i was planning on doing, i would plant it in my backyard and i could have silk worms every year! It would be phun!
here is the cute little bugger!

i dono where my friend got them
Awwwwwwwwww. How cute. lol. Thats pretty cool, though. i wish i had a silkworm... lol jk
It matches your wall
you like my wall dont u nate?
Make sure it doesn't go in any pitchers.
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In Reptiles Magazine there is a company who sells silkworms
Go to:
They are on the pricier end of feeder insect companies though.

There are other companies who sell them too. just type in "reptile supplies" on the google search engine and anyone who sells live food has all sorts of neat insects to keep with neps including praying mantids!
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just type in silkworms and you come up with sales on eggs plants and live things all dealing around silkworms!
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ah yes, the lil silkworm. i used to rraise them as chameleon food, but now im through with lizzies and now with SNAKES! anyways, u will need to feed the lil worm with mulberry cubes or leaves. Mulbeerry farms is kinda pricey, but u do get a lot of worms buying bulk. I can easily get some worms form the SF zoo (i volunter over the summer). when i figure out how to ship em, ill send them out for the price of shiipping!