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Sickly new friend

I had just recenty purchased a butterwort (sorry I don't know the species because it wasn't labeled, but I think it is primuliflora) from a local Lowe's, (probably not the best choice, cause they were kept inside in a cool dark place.) It was in one of those cupped pots (the kind with the little pot and clear plastic top). Anywho, it was 87 degrees when I brought it home so I thought I would place it on the porch in the shade of one of my other plants (where it owuld be a little cooler.) And that I could move it to a sunnier spot later. I gave it a tray to hold water (with holes punched in the side to keep the level at around 1/2".) and filled the tray with bottled distilled water. It rained that afternoon and most of the next morning, and I moved it to a sunnier spot since it was overcast and grey the second day. When I checked on it later that day the leaves had curled and the tips had turned brown and dry. However in the cernter there was one tiny bright green leaf. I figured this to be new growth.

Did I burn the leaves for them to turn brown and dry like that? Since it was sitting in the pot (which had holes on the bottom) in a tray of distilled (and now rain) water I thought it wouldn't be a moisture problem. Or is it just sickly from being at Lowe's and just recovering?
If the plant was kept in a cool, dark place at lowes, then it was more than likely burned when you put it in the sun since it wasnt acclimated.

This seems to often happen following the IHS (inept hardware store) treatment. Assuming you maintain it in the conditions you now have, the plant will most likely come back better than ever. The outer leaves were most likely so stressed they were bound to die, and the change of environment precipitated their demise. Best of luck.
Thank you for your reply. It looks to be recovering now.