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Sickle-shaped traps



I have had my flytrap for over a year now. It is in its original plastic pot yet, and for a long time was doing extremely well. Its traps were growing normally, but suddenly it stopped eating. Shortly after that, it began to grow deformed traps that are sickle-shaped and do not function. Aside from this deformity, the plant is relatively healthy, with very little blackening or dying aside from what is normal.

I have two theories on why this is happening. First, I have not been giving it distilled water. Could that be the cause? There are also lots of little white specks in the soil... what is that from, and could that cause the problem? Along with the white stuff, there's green slimy looking stuff. What about that?

Thanx for your help!
Jul 28, 2002
The white spots are probably perlite I am thinking. That is just part of the soil if I am correct. No worry there I think. The slimy green stuff it probably the moss growing around the plant. That is normal aswell. Now the problem even if it is the reason or not is u not giving it distilled water. Change back now!!! Or use Ro(Reverse Osmosis) water. That works just aswell. Switch to distilled and see if it works out for the plant.
Mar 4, 2002
Green Slime could be algae...
White specks could be mineral build up, but if they are small lumps you can remove, then its perlite...