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Shrunken capensis leaves


Lately My D. capensis have been sprouting leaves that are shorter than normal, in one plant (I have 3 in one pot) the leave are tiny and don't even have the red tentacle things. The only thing I could come up with that could be causing this is my plants have been getting more sun exposure lately after many days if not weeks of cloudy weather, another thing could be that I used to mist my sundews very often and now I've stopped doing that. I don't really know is causing my capensis to produce smaller leaves, I have a VFT and a D. spatulata that are in the same conditions but they're growing normally. what is wrong with my capensis?
Drosera capensis have hefty roots. With 3 in one pot, it may well be that the plant needs transplanting into a deeper pot. It's hard to say for sure without a look at it, but this is something you can try.
Sounds like you are giving the plant too much sunlight. Since the humidity is low in CA, outdoor sunlight can cause burns(if you are growing this plant outdoors). I would move the plant to a location(outdoors) with 50-70% shade and grow the plant on the tray system. Always keep water on the tray and NEVER allow the soil to dry out during the summer. The plant can grow very well in low humidity provided wet soil and shaded sun.