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Showing some redness

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I could not help but this is as red as I have gotten a trap before. Thought I would share the moment:



Niiiiiicccceeee! That's more of a maroon or purple than a red!

Hey, I looked at it again and noticed... EVEN the cilia are red! That's a nice clone!

Thanks for the complements Snowyfalcon! I did not know it was a clone.

For some reason I can not add it to my avatar?

Ummm... I thought most VFTs were reproduced either through Tissue Culture or vegetative production, making them a clone (exact same genetic makeup as the parent).  This way they can pick the ones with really nice color (ie yours&#33
, vigour, upright traps, long teeth etc. and so that all the offspring have the same characteristics.

   I made an assumption that this VFT was propogated via tissue culture (as so many millions of others are).  It's possible it came from some other form of propogation, I don't know the history of your plant, therefore I guess I can't really say that it's a clone.

   So let me reword my statement.  What a nice plant you have!

Definitely a nice looking VFT. How did you get it (trade, rescue, bought?).

I saved it last year from a certain death as it was in a nursery. Some TLC and 16 hours of light does the job.

i have a few vfts out side and they don't have the slightest tinge of red to them. green all the way. under grow lights i at least get a pink! ...darnit. lol
Travis, bet it didn't look that good when you rescued it.
That one's a beauty!
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good color, my red dragon is finally recovering its color after being put inside for a bit for fear of a bird attack just in enough time for it to start dormancy...bummer
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Thanks for the nice words
. I think it was BCK that said August and September (I think October too) are the best months for vfts. BCK hit that on the head. It really stinks they need to go into dormancy around November. Well next year should even be better