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Should I seperate my traps??

My venus flytrap arrived with about 16 traps on it, 3 died in the shipping process and its aftermath, therefor I still have around 13 traps on my flytrap...and that little 3-incher just isn't enough for it, but I don't have the right soil to replant and haven't been able to find the additives I need to make it. Anyway, my real question is, since my traps are so close together (some traps are lying on top of other traps) and don't seem to be able to fully open, should I separate them from eachother or just leave them alone??
I would leave them be.

Even if the plants are on top of eachother. If you do not have the soil to properly transplant them...you can kill them.

If you tryand just push them away from eachother in the pot...you also can take a chance on damaging the root system and plants.

I would replant when you repot. That would also give you the time to find exactly what you need so that you have the right material.

When you repot...pull them out carefully. Try not to damage the roots.

I have pots and soil....if you absolutely feel compelled to replant. Just let me know and I will/ can work something out for you.
You should probably leave them alone. A clump of VFT traps is so muchg better looking than a one single plant with only about 3 traps on it. Don't you agree?
You could try moving the traps so that they sit better in the pot, as long as you haven't got one trap inside another when or you'll trigger it.
VFTs live in sphagnum peat moss and you can buy it in pellet form from this site.
When replanting I find it's easy if you use a spoon to scoop it out of it's pot.