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It’s a trap!
Each year my employer requires the employees to work at the fair. We have to work our normal hours from 10-5:30PM and then the fair from 6-10PM. Now, I live 35-40 minutes away from the fairgrounds so it takes another hour out of my day. So, I am working from 10-10 and having to leave at 9 and then getting home at 11PM, that makes me gone for 14 hours. When one works that many hours, one begins to get a bit tired and to forget things they need to do. I also do not get paid extra for my fair time. I even have to work the Fair on Sunday and Saturdays for 8 hours, not paid.

Now, things that get forgotten are:
N. rafflesaina, dead
N. ventrata, dead, Only one of 4
Drosera intermedia, dead
S. oreophila, almost dead
N. bicalcarata, almost dead
N. gracilis, almost dead, I have extras so not too worried

I have watered just about everyday, but when one is tired and overworked, one forgets and overlooks. This is another thing I have caulked up on my board of things I hate about my job. I don't have too many, but this has made me somewhat mad.

Now for something somewhat funny. As I was going through my plants today, finding that I had overlooked some in this weeks watering schedule, I spilled a N. ampullaria pitcher down my arm. Normally, this would not have been a big deal. This was the pitcher I had placed a large cicada in about a week ago. Lets just say I got a big suprize when the dead insect slid down my arm and the oder filled the air. Not the most pleasant aroma, but interesting to experience – hopefully, a non repeating experience.
Sorry Nick. I hope your plants pull through. They're tough little buggers, I hope you are pleasantly surprised!
Nick, I know exactly what you are talking about. With the personnel shortages and court I am sometimes going two weeks at a time without a full day off. I average 15 hours a week overtime. My poor plants...and body.

Have strength. I hope your plants pull through.
Geez Nick...really sorry to hear about your plants.  
 But we've all been there so we can feel your pain!  (The bug thing was gross! )  Maybe the oreo rhizome is ok and will come back next year.

Those are some long hours your keeping.  You must be beat.

Maybe some folks here can help replace your losses.  I'll look and see if I have any intermedia seeds.

I think I can replace both N. raffelesiana and D. intermedia, don't let it get to you....keeping a job is a game you win whenever you get the check, plants reproduce, die, come and go. I well relate to your plant woes, I got hit hard with irreplacable losses last week too, and it has left me quite depressed. We have to rise above it though.

Baking soda works to kill the smell. I made the mistake once of removing liquid filled pitchers from my Cephalotus.

Please send me your address, and can you tell me the variety of D. intermedia that you lost. I'll send a few other things as well just to reward you for your hard work both at your job and here on the Forum.


Thanks for the replies. I am most upset about the Nepenthes, I will replace those later as I want to redo my growing areas so that things like this will not happen as easily. The S. oreo looks to have stiffened up so I think it will be ok. I lost my D. intermedia temperate form, but luckely I took leaf cuttings two weeks ago. Those have produced a few plantlets.

I have been gone most of the day, and was able to think about what had happened and that everything can be replaced fairly easy.

The N. raff might come back, all the leaves are dead, but the stem has a hint of green left in it.

Thanks for the tip on the baking soda Tamlin, I am going to try that tomorrow as this room really stinks from that pitcher spill. I am trying another cicada, but in my N. sanguinaea.

As for the long hours, those are now over. Back to the regular hours
Oh man, I totallly understand. I'm a full time college student and spare time... ummm, it just doesn't exist. I have basically given up on highland plants (none of them are pitchering), and the lowlands are basically taking care of themselves (although doing remarkably well). Good luck, I bet you can turn the plants around.
I can help you with the D.intermedia (carolina orgin I think). I have plenty, and as I told you before you're welcome to a cutting of my N.bical.
I know how it feels, not long after I started growing cp's my collection grew more than I had time or knowledge to care for them. I was working anywhere from 12hr to 18hrs a day,I lost some of the plants and it's really rough. Any plant I have two of you're welcome to, Nick.
Nick, that stinks!
I hope those guys pull through for you! I have an extra gracilis, if you would like to replace your loss...Just let me know!
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Nick, I am sorry. I know you have told us, but I can not remember. What is it do? Why the long hours for the fair?

Is the Bic doing better? Your wonderful with these plants and I am sure that you will get some to pull through.