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Setting sarra's seed

O.k. guys this is the problem, last year was the first year I tried to set seed on some of my plants and I came across a problem. Problem; There wasn't very much pollen. I thought that the best time to collect pollen was when the flower first opens, but there was very little, so I then placed the whole flower in aluminum foil and put it into the fridge so I could use it for later flowering plants. Still there was little pollen, and it showed by the small amount of seed that set. When is the best time for maximum pollen? I used S. flava flowers that were 2.5 inches across so I tought I would find pollen in large amounts. I would use the anthers and pieces of the umbrella to brush over the stigmas, but out of the seven flowers I pollinated all I got was three seeds. Can any one help? thanks Jack.
It takes about 3 days for the flowers to produce enough pollen, so you might want to wait this year. When you say you put the flower in the fridge, what do you mean? The best way to store pollen for use in flowers that open later on is to use a paintbrush and then store the pollen covered paintbrush in the fridge.
thanks Alvin,
I took the whole flower minus the petals, placed it into an aluminum envelope and put the whole thing into the refridgerator.