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sensitive plants

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does anybody know where i can find a sensitive plant ?
If you mean a mimosa plant, the stuff is a weed in most tropical places, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. I know of a parking lot at my university that has tons of mimosa plants throwing seeds everywhere. I personally hate the stuff, but I can get you a few seeds for sase if you want.

hi :D a sensative plant is a vft it takes alot of exsperience to grow one :) ;)
have fun and practice on growing like i did

Hmm what a coincidence! I just stopped at a local greenhouse Saturday and bought a Mimosa for 2.00$!!!! I love it and if anone here like Joel perhaps could give me some tips on propagation please do! I would be greatly thankful! Thanks!

Nep G I have a couple of envelopes of Mimosa seed (2 different size species) with your name on them.

You guys should contact Chris (Dionaea Enthusiast) as he has developed a very particular fertiliser called Coprophytes Delight that is specifically for Mimosa species.

He may even be willing to sell you some if you ask him nicely!

Cheers, Troy.
LOL Troy

Hey all,

Coprophytes Delight...don't ask lol

You'll first want to check out this site:

I'm sure there are many websites selling Mimosa pudica. You may just want to do a search on, say, Google.

The easiest way to propagate is with seeds. The process is explained in the above link. Just remember to soak them in hot water overnight first!

More questions regarding this most excellent coprophytic exotic are welcome.

Thanks for the link Chris.
If you don't soak the seeds, they will still germinate, but will take much longer, 1-3 months (and maybe more after that). I had wondered about the germination, I had heard it was fast and that they got good germination, but I hadn't heard about soaking them in hot water, I guess that's why it took so much longer and so few of the seeds germinated.
Thanks Fatboy! lol, after eading Chris page I understand them more. All I want to kow is how to propagate them. Mine is goos but hey I didn't know you where sending me some Mimosa seed! Thanks fatboy! Great! Now do you guys know if it self pollinates? Thanks!
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Hmm...not sure about the pollination...Troy?
Wish I could tell you, but mine haven't flowered yet, if ever they do.

If, NG, your plant does flower, you had better hope that it self-pollinates. A less practical, possible solution would be to buy another one and hope that they both flower simultaneously, and then cross-pollinate 'em. But definitely the surest way to obtain seeds would be from a certain person in Bali.

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Yes Chris! There you go! Bali Mimosa Specialist.
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Sorry to disappoint you guys but I got no idea how Mimosa polinates. It seems to flower almost constantly and there are multitudes of flowers on each plant so I doubt you'll have any probs with getting your own seed.

It grows very rapidly and I would expect that with the smal species at least, you should have flowers within 4 to 6 months. That's just a guess!
The bigger one maybe 6 to 8 and the very large one that grows into a mini tree (about 3 or 4 metres tall) will obviously take longer.

Cheers, Troy.
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What is the species most often sold here in the US?
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Interesting as I just some plants at nursery in CA for $2 as well.  My first time seeing it in a store, but I have seen them in the wild.  My girlfriend wanted to buy it, but I don't really think a weed is really worth that much.

Anyway do a Google search using the keywords:
 mimosa pollination

That should get you results.  The web is a big place, full of information.
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I haven't done a search like you mentioned, but I believe "Trigger Plant" is something else entirely. Correct me if i'm wrong
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No Larry, you're correct.

Trigger plants are called Stylidium, nothing to do with Mimosa. Not as interesting in my opinion either but each to his (or her) own.

Cheers, Troy.
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I do like the Trigger Plants. Yes, not as interesting as the Mimosa but still amusing. I've been looking for some, but it seems nobody has it. Seeds are rather expensive and I don't think its worth what people are asking. Would be nice to have though.
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Opps, I got confused.  Yeah, trigger plants are something else. Keywords in above post have been modified.