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I noticed every body is down on flowers. Are they that hard to grow from seed? Or is it hard to get seeds from the flowers? I can understand niping the flower in thoughs cases.

Or am I missing some thing and totaly off in my views?
Hey blata, welcome to the forums.
VFT flowers take a lot of energy away from the plant. It somewhat halts traps production Many people including I, myself cut them off because I want more traps to my plant than flowers. If you want seeds, go ahead and let your flowers seed. VFT seeds aren't to germinate at all nor hard to get. Hope this answers your question, blata!
Thanks for the welcome.  From the other posts I had picked up on the energy drane the flower put on the plant. Sorry to make you have to type that over again
.  How many seeds can you get out of a flower?  Are there any resourses on breeding these plants?
LOL you get quite a few seeds....but i wouldn't recommend letting your plant flower if you are not going to cross polinate it because otherwise the seedlings will be weak. For you see self pollination in flytraps is just like someone marrying one of their siblings and having babies--which turn out to be weak. If you want to produce seeds and start growing plants from them than buy two flytraps of different genetic backgrounds and cross polinate them...go to the cp faq to find out more stuff about this topic. Also the theory is that flowers can kill and or make the flytrap exhausted, this doesn't apply for all flytraps though but i do agree that allowing them to flower does cause them to grow slower...the ones i had did anyway but they didn't die...there are positives to allowing them to flower too, i say this because people seem to be so dead set against it.
If you want a VFT that makes traps and is healthy, then take off the flower. If you don't mind about the plant putting out less traps, there is nothing wrong with leaveing the flower on.

It is a preference.

Most people ( me included ) want the plant to get bigger and be stronger, so I remove the flowers. The only time I leave flowers on are with the Green Dragons, the flowers look different. ( color wise ). I think it is cool.

You will see a change in the plant. But the plant will recover.

It takes up to 5 years to make a plant from seed. For some, it is just too long. Then you must stratify them first ( cold snap- like placing them in the fridge for 3-4 months ), b4 you can grow them.

with the abundance of places that offer plants for cheap, I see no true point in growing them from seed. ( my opinion ).