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Seeds from d.intermedia

Hi again, the flowers of my plant have withered away, and all that's left are some pods on a long stalk. What do I do to get the seeds? Do I break the pods open?
Have the pods gone brown or black and dried up?

If so then they are probably ready to harvest, just take off the lowest pod (this the oldest and most likely to be ripe) carefully and gently rub it between your thumb and forefinger over a piece of white paper/card. The small seeds should be clearly visible on the white background. You can do this the slow way, working up the stem and stopping if you come across a pod that hasn't ripened (paler seeds) or just cut the stem off and leave it to dry on the paper for a few hours if necessary, and rub the seeds off all in one, or just shake it gently and see if they are released.


This is the state of my seed pods now... have they ripened? or are they close?
The bottom one is ripe, the others are either there or almost there. I usually harvest when more than half the pods are brown.
Thks again Tamlin! I think I'll wait a while longer... but if I miss the harvesting period, will the seeds fall out by themselves?
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (eBeyonder @ July 03 2003,9:46)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Thks again Tamlin! I think I'll wait a while longer... but if I miss the harvesting period, will the seeds fall out by themselves?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
if it is bumped, the seeds willc ome out, wether you are there to collect it or not

I prefer to collect the seeds when the whole stalk is black... I just get white, unripened seeds otherwise
I am new at Drosera. I bought three yesterday and repotted them...two are flowering. I looked at the photo of ebeyonder's plants and mine look ripe. After I harvest them, what do I do then??/
what i do is lay them on top of the soil that is inside a pot and cover it up with a ziplock
Hi Lauderdale.  You send them to others on PFT!

Jmenprkr's advice is good.  Put them on top of damp (not wet) CP mix and seal the pot in a ziplock.  Leave under lights (but not sunlight - you don't want to cook them! ).  It has worked somewhat for me, but i'm pretty new to it, too.  If anybody has better suggestions, please share.

When they sprout, i take them out of the bag right away so they don't mold.

Ebeyonder, i put a ziplock over the flowerhead when it gets to that stage and close it as much as possible to prevent the seeds from falling out and self-sowing.  When it gets a bit browner and deader than that one looks, i cut it off and let it sit in the bag.  In a few days, all the seeds simply fall out when the bag is shaken.