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The other day I noticed a new plant starting to grow next to one of my vft's it is so small. It is definately the smallest vft I have ever seen. There is only one trap on it. I think it is growing from the big vft that is in the pot but maybe not, could it have been a seed or something that ended up there. I have only had this plant for about a month but it was pretty big when I bought it.
When a new venus flytrap grows off to the side of another one how big are they usually? Because the one next to mine is just a seedling...
This same thing happened to me, about a month back. It was just a super tiny VFT right next to my big VFT. People told me to leave it alone and not mess with it. But I usually do the opposite of what people tell me, so I pretty much just ripped the little bugger out of there and put it in a seperate, and smaller pot. The small plant had deep roots, I actually did it very carefully, as not to disturb the roots of the larger VFT. Like I said that was about a month ago and now the plant is producing larger and larger traps, and the parent plant is also doing just fine. Everyone here says that repotting and messing with VFT's roots will kill the plant, or put it into shock. But I find that my VFT's are very tough, I have re potted them a lot, once out of the original pots that they were in, I wanted larger pots so the roots of the plants could spread out and go wherever they pleased, and twice because I didn't use the correct soil mixture, and just the other day their was a bad thunderstorm and (luckily) just one of my VFT's got de potted because of the strong winds, and the roots and the whole plant were all over the place, and I just threw it back in the pot, and it is already producing new traps and still catching bugs like crazy, maybe it is just me but I find VFT's to be very tough when it comes to repotting, and disturbing of the roots. But about the small plant I would say if you wanted to you'd be safe on repotting it, just be careful to get a lot of the little plants roots. If you just wanted to leave it there I am sure you would be fine too, I am sure that the small one will grow, and you will have one scary looking plant