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science project



I live in FL and I'm doing a science project about common venus flytraps and what they like to eat, except I don't know what else to feed them besides flies. I also don't know where to get the food for the traps so if someone could tell me that would be great.  I've been looking at the plant care things but they haven't told me anything besides they like to eat bugs.  Please help me find out what they like to eat and help me get a good grade. Thanx froggie2007
Well... It sort of depends on where you live and the size of trap. If it is large enough, you can feed it the following: flies, crickets, some beetles, earwigs(gross), and small moths and butterflies.
Welcome to the forums Froggie2007

VFTs will can eat anything small enough for the trap to close around and big enough to trip the trigger hairs inside the trap.

Read through the older posts in the Venus Flytrap (Dionaea ) Care Information & Tips forum and you will find out all sorts of interesting things people have fed their VFTs.
Just to add one more important thing. No people food!!