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Schnell's 2nd edition

Hi folks
I received" CARNIVOROUS PLANTS of the United States and Canada 2nd edition" this week and it is a great reference book. Unlike "Savage Garden" that deals largely in cultivation of plants, Schnell delves into history, distribution, and discription of plants plus has great pictures. In my humble opinion, it is much better then his 1st edition, going into much greater detail. It is a harder read then Savage Garden( I had to use the glossary many times) but is well worth the effort. I strongly suggest anyone interested in Carnivorous plants from the U.S. and Canada to buy this book. Jack
This is a book that every one should own. I read it front to back in about 4 days. He greatly expanded my knowledge and I even got it signed by him. It focusses on Sarrs and has some excellent pictures.
I have an autographed copy.
I got to meet Don at Meadowview Biological Research Station. I have pics to post but I haven't had to time to do it. I have so many that its hard to pare them down for posting.

Its an interesting book. Recommended reading.

I agree, this edition is much better than the first, and oooh, lotsa pictures
Just don't forget that the range maps are far from accurate, especially for the west coast and Alaska. That was my biggest pet peeve.. especially since the bibliography notes many books that clearly stated the accurate range of the species in question.
It's cool, but the VFT section is a little icky
I agree it is a great book which I will undoubtedly reference many times.

I believe most of the maps are historical distributions.

A good source for distribution maps is http://plants.usda.gov/.  They are by county and do not give actual locations.