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Scanning page 122,  nepenthes of sumatra

I was wondering if anybody in the audience has Nepenthes of Sumatra and peninsular malaysia by Charles Clarke. If anybody does, PLEASE!!!!, COULD SOMEBODY SCAN PAGE 122 TO COMPARE THE PICTURE OF NEPENTHES SPECIES B WITH THAT OF THE PRESUMPTIVE N. IZUMIAE!!. i will be eternally grateful. Thanks

I would be carefull with requests like this and executing such requests as this would be considered copyright infringement.

Why not contact Charles Clarke directly?
Actually, couldn't you simply scan the page, crop out all but the picture and put credit on it? If you're not going to use it for another work, and you're not copying the words at all, i'd think you would need the photographers say. Unless they're the same person.
Thanks for the warning gentlemen:

I don't believe i am infringing or asking someone else to infringe anything. For starters, I am not or the person who posts the picture is claiming ownership or the picture and this picture is not for financial gain. Just for educational purposes. On top of that, it is very decent to put the name of the photographer next to the picture anyway!!. If you look at any website that explains copyright laws, that's what it says.

If i am not understanding the laws correctly, please someone correct me!!.

Hi Augustine

I have a couple of (rather shoddy) pics of my own of N izumiae that have never been published - and never will be! I didn't even have a flash so they are pretty bad but you can get the idea.
I'll scan them later and post them for you.

Cheers, Troy.
Dear Troy:

Your efforts will be very much appreciated. I am sure many nepenthaholics like myself will feel the same way. That's how we learn more about a particular species, by comparing and making the appropriate comments. Thanks again.