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Saving sarracenia's

After doing a search I see that this was brought up about a year ago, but what is everyone's opinion these days.  Yesterday I witnessed the mowing down of approx 1/4 mile strip that was dotted with Sarracenia flava in NW Fla. Some were approx 12in tall.  Should I have tried to move as many as possible?  What damage is done when these are mowed over? I'm new to CP's.  Any ideas as to what should have been done?
Good God, I think I'd croak if I saw that! I'll be watching this thread to see what people think. I have no idea what the responsible thing to do in this situation is, but my gut is saying to go save them! It may be that the mowing is harmless to them, however, and that taking them would be a BIG no-no.

If the plants were merely mowed (and not buldozed) They should be fine and pop up next year good as ever. Since the "center" so to speak of the plant is at or below the soil surface, the mowing merely takes off the leaves, leaving the rhizome unharmed.
Mowing would probably serve the same function as natural brush fires and improve the health of the population. My advice is not to collect them, but let them be.
Is the land privately owned. If so you could ask the owner if he plans on destroying the area. I agree with Tamlin. If his is just mowing or otherwise controlling the growth without destroying the plants I would leave them. Sometimes the best thing for a plant is to knock it back a little.
FYI The plants are on the state right of way boarding closed federal (military) land.