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sarracenia x "lady in waiting"

anyone that can give me details on how to care for it lemme know!

i think i pretty much know the basics about care but id like to see a pic if anyone has one...
'Lady' is now refered to as 'Mardi Gras' so you might want to try a search under that name

I've got one but no means of uplaoding a picture so I can't help much there. Feel free to drop me a line about specifics if you like.

Actually, it was S. 'Sultry Maid' that got changed to S. 'Mardi Gras'.  Here's a pic of Ladies in Waiting, if I did it correctly.  I've just started trying to figure out this Ikonboard stuff.
As far as caring for it, treat it just like any other Sarracenia. Lots and lots of light, and lots and lots of pure water while in active growth. Cut back on the light and water during winter to respect it's dormancy. Depending on where you live, you may have to protect it during winter. It can take brief freezes, but likely won't survive if kept frozen for an extended period of time.