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Sarracenia\'s falling over?

Hi folks, just registered to this forum this evening upon invitation from someone named Joe, so greetings to all you!

My question tonight is that my Sarracenias (unknown hybrid I assume) have come out of their winter dormancy but when the pitchers get about 12" long they flop over. what's causing this? They are in a terrarium with 240 watts of flourescent light and planted in permanently damp long fibered sphagnum.

Tonight I moved my Sarracenias and pings outside where they will likely stay for spring/summer & fall. Do you think the sarracenias will get their strength back by being out in the real sun?

Thanks for your thoughts!
Greetings Josh,

First off, welcome to the forums. Hope you like it here.

Now about your Sarrs. I don't know for sure but it sounds as if they are suffering from too little light. In a terrarium situation where the light only comes from one direction, as the pitchers get taller the less light actually gets 'down' to the base.

Moving them outside should help significantly, though I would caution you to keep an eye on them as the higher light level from real sunlight could burn the leaves.

Hope this answers your question.

maybe place them in a semi shady place to start out with, till they become "hardened out doors men..."
I know that here, the heat just became staggaring over the past like... TWO days... before this i had to wear a jacket, and now, i'm combusting upon impact from sun rays... Its gross... Evaported BO condenses on ppls lips at school because its the coolest place the vapour can find. BLECK!
Hi Josh, That was me that e-mailed you! I got banned 5 minutes after the e-mail... I guess GW reads the e-mails that are sent through there site, is there a law against that? lol! I didn't think the e-mail got through but thankfully it did!

Enjoy the forum!
Hi all,
Thank you for the kind welcome! I have moved the sarracenia to the window and will move them out into the shade soon (whe the weather starts to straighten out. Like Parasuco said, it suddenly got hot. In Minneapolis it was 91* in mid-April this past week - up from something like 40*! Completely crazy! I put the plants outside the very day cos i got up and though wow-it's warm enough to try this... then it just kept getting hotter and hotter! I even whipped out the window AC I finally bought last summer and fired it up! :cool:

Anyway I never saw you (Static) post anything offensive on GWs site. How and more importantly why would you get banned from a plant discussion group? If it's the reason you gave in your email to me then there's no reason for that. But I haven't had any bad experiences with GW as I'm still a newbie there as well! For now I'll just enjoy reading posts at both! This one seems much larger though!

take it easy folks - after a 16 hour day (12 of it working-mailing out bank & 401K statements) I'm ready for bed at "just" 6:42 am!