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Sarracenia purpurea leaf cutting


It’s a trap!
On 2/2/2003 I took a leaf cutting from one of my S. purpurea. I used a leaf that was older and about 1/2 dead. I pulled the leaf off so that the white part of the leaf that connects it to the rhisome was included. The top portion that was dead was cut off and discarded. I dipped the leaf cutting into rooting hormone and planted it in live sphagnum moss. The pot was then placed into a bag and kept between 65-80°F on average. There were times it dropped below 60°F. Lighting was provided by 6 flourescent tubes.

I checked the cutting today (4/20/2003 ) and noticed two small roots about 1mm long on the base of the cutting. I am very happy with this success.


Cutting in live sphagnum moss.


Roots can be seen growing out from the base of the cutting. The roots are slightly damaged from the cutting being pulled from the sphagnum moss.


Another view of the roots.

I have been wondering about propogating sarrs this way.

Keep us posted on the status of the plant please?
Do keep us posted as I have had plants(not sarracenias) root this way as well. The issue with it was there was no growing point/bud so no top growth occurred.
Nick, I tried that and my purp also grew these tiny little roots. But sadly, that's all it did, the roots never grew bigger, so I tossed it. Let me know if you have success with it, good luck!
I will be keeping an eye on the root system with hopes that it will produce a new plant. If not, I guess I will have a rooted leaf