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Sarracenia oreophila

Can anyone share their experience with growing S. oreophila? I have finally gotten my hands on some seed and, they are about to come out of vernalization. I hear they are somewhat different than other sarracenia in their requirments. I am doing quite well with all the others. Thanks in advance.

Brooks, Atlanta
Oreophila isn't really any different from the other species and growing from seed isn't any different either. Once mature, in the wild, their habitat dries out in summer and they grow phyllodia instead of pitchers from then on. In cultivation you can keep them wet all the time like the other species though without any problems.
I disagree with Alivn a little. I find that oreos tend to be a little more prone to rot than other Sarrs. I prefer to grow mine in pure LFS for its anti-fungal properties and grow them in an area with good ventilation and light. I also prefer to topwater them as opposed to using a tray. I usually hit them with a small amount of 3336 every month or so too but I am not religious about it.
Thanks! I could not remember what I had read about them or where but you nailed it. Thanks for the reminder. I will give it a try. I was hard to get these seed so I want to have good success with them.

Brooks, Atlanta
one thing you might want to do is put them into the refrig for 6-8 wks. the longer the strat period the better germination you get.
You raise a good point George but down here in Atlanta we have a perfect solution to stratifying. Since this is pretty much home environment, Obsessed and I can sow our seeds now and just leave the pots outside. Nature takes care of the rest
(A fact my wife appreciates as she hates it when I leave plant stuff in the frodge LOL)
Pyro, that is so true what you stated since most of the wild populations ones are in Georgia. it was just depending on who he got them from. it was just one of the soures that pollenated the flowers them self and got seed from them. about them not getting a good germination rate from them and that they should be put into a cold envirorment for some time longer to get a better germination rate.
Thanks everyone! All the suggestions make perfect sense. Oreophila do grow further north and are subjected to lower and longer temps and are typically found in drier areas. I will give thoes suggestions a try.

I vernalize my seeds in wet paper towels in zip lock bags with the names on the bags in Sharpie pen. I have hundreds of seeds in there now and they take up no more room than a bag of shredded cheese.