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Sarracenia Minor + Purpurea pitcher production

Could somebody tell me if S. minor and purpurea produce best pitchers during a certain time?

I hear different things, some tell me they do best in early like S. Flava, some say all year round for both species. Maybe it depends on the plant clone?

Thanks again!
And just so that I don't need to make a new topic.

Is there any difference between regular S. purpurea ssp venosa and var. burkei? Other than burkei having pink flowers instead of red?

Some consider it to be a seperate species (S. Rosea), there must be something else different other than flower color!
Hi Statik,
In my experience, these species produce pitchers more or less equal during their growing season, so with purpurea the plants forms nice rosettes and with minor, my plants tend to grow thier largest traps all at once then follow up with a few pitchers after the main crop.

With S. rosea, that is still a matter of conjecture, there are pitcher differences to the shape and in their geographic distribution, there is a gap in southern Georgia in the range of the plant. I am waiting for Schnell's new book to see if he has formed some opinions on the matter..
Thanks Mike,

What do you like better? Typical S. purpurea ssp Venosa, ssp purpurea, or S. rosea? Any difference in growth vigorousness or speed?
Hi Statik,
I like S.purpurea Subsp. venosa var. burkei ( S.Rosea) best of all. I like the pale pink flowers they produce and one Chipola river plant in my collection has almost white petals with the tiniest hint of pink it. Very attractive! However, I have the very rare luteola form of this variety which has no red pigmentation at all and the flowers are lime white. This particular plant is very vigorous for a venosa, however, the crown of absolute vigour goes to my monster clone of S.purpurea Subsp. pupurea which had had more than 700 offspring and the parent plant had over 400 pitchers on it!! You could not get arms around it!
Hi Mike, regarding your monster subsp. Purpurea, I have mine in a 1 ft pot (30cm) and with about 7-8 crowns, my question is is mine close to yours??
I hope mine gets that big!!! And for my real question, how big, in dimater and pitcher size was the plant, and what did you have t in when it was that big???!?!?!
Hi Nep G,
I hope you are enjoying your plants at the moment. Have you done anything about the greenhouse yet?

To answer your question,my monster purp had over 90 crowns on it before I split it last year. There were 70 divisions potted on leaving approx 20 to clump up again to form another monster. The pitchers were pretty much standard in diameter for a Subsp. purpurea, but they pitchers themsellves were longer I suppose from competing for light with all the other pitchers! Next time it gets as big, I will photograph it! I grew it in a washing up bowl with 6" of water in it to bring the water surface to the top of the pot.
Wow! Yeah the G-house is gonna be put into motion SOON.