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Sarracenia minor "Okee Giant"

Does anyone have a picture of a Sarracenia minor "Okee Giant"?

I wanna see how big they really can get...
I found a few.


S.Minor "Okefenokee Giant"


S.Minor "Okefenokee Giant"
I got to see one at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. They really are BIG, the one there was easily 3'


I don't have a 'Giant' but wanted to post this picture (i hope it is ok in this post)



Forgive me if this has been asked before but, what type of camera do you use?

I have been busting my butt these past few weeks to get the hang of my new digicamcorder/camera and I can't get nearly as beautiful a picture.

The picture was taken with a Canon EOS 50e (namend Elan 2 in USA ?) with a Sigma 105mm/2,8 EX Makro on Kodachrome 100 Extra Colour slide film.
I also used a tripod. Aperture was around 4.0-5,6 (guessed from the narrow depth of feeld)

I see, so you use a real camera. Do you then just scann the image in?
yes, I bought a relativly "cheap" slide scanner on ebay.

I don't have a digital camera, but Nikon makes some nice (and expensive&#33
cameras which seem to be good for close up shots, too.

Maybe in one year a 2 or 3 MPix Camera will be cheap enough for me, too. (if only the Canon D30 would drop in prize)

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CPN Volume 31, No.2( newest issue) Says it can reach heights of 90cm. So Pyro is correct!
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I know what you mean about expensive
The only reason I have my new one is because it was a wedding gift, if I were waiting to buy one for myself I'd be waiting a looooooooong time.

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One of these days I'll post a pic of my S. minor "Missouri Midget".
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you guys are so lucky! my strong groing minor gave out this season and died.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (sarracenia @ July 15 2002,12:25)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">One of these days I'll post a pic of my S. minor "Missouri Midget".[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
You must conatact me if you have any clones of this plant. I'll pay big bucks. Or plants... Heh...

It seems ideal forme... Notto big... Hehehe...
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Um is that a joke? Nothing is on the web about it.
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Yeah, it's a joke. My S. minor, I don't know how old it is, but it put up the tiniest little flower I've ever seen on a Sarracenia (dandelion size), and the traps don't get very big, for whatever reason. So I jokingly refer to it as S. minor "Missouri Midget". Sorry for the confusion.
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That's wierd! It is orignally an Okefenokee Giant?
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on ebay you can find NIkons new Coolpix 8000 (I think) for a great deal... may are going between 3 and 5 hundred... the camera is still selling in stores (it's brand new) for 7 hundred plus...

and uhh... its a FIVE megapixel...

(I am filling my piggy bank&#33
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Is there anyway to obtain this plant , and if so , then where ? I bet there going to be expensive but I'd like to see how it does in cultivation with me .