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Sarracenia in the Wild

A friend of mine and I will be travelling to Atlanta this Summer with a view to viewing Sarracenia (whats left to see!) in the wild. We will be travelling from Alabama through Northern Florida into Georgia (Okefenokee Swamp) and I was wondering if anyone out there knew of PUBLIC accessed areas (EG forest parks, roadside stands etc). Please email me privately if anyone can help.I know this can be a 'touchy' subject, but it has been for 23 years of growing Sarracenia my first opportunity to see them in the wild! The camera will be getting plenty of overtime!

I don't know of anyplace but Atlanta Botanical Gardens could probably get you pointed in the right direction.

Hi Pyro,
Thanks, I will be seeing them at the start of the trip!
If you have enough free time and you wouldn't mind I might like to meet you myself, that is if I can find any free time.
Dear Pyro,
That will be nice, where do you live?
I'm in Duluth, about 20 minutes north of downtown Atlanta.

Dear Pyro,
My friend and I will be staying in Atlanta on 24th of July and hopefully time permitting going to the botanical gardens on the 31st.
BTW, How long does it take to drive from Atalnta to either the Okefenokee swamp or to Mobile in Alabama?

If you're planning on driving through Tallahassee, I would love to come along (I don't have a car). Any chance?

Maybe we can try and meet up at the gardens. Lets try and firm it up a more as we get closer to the actual date.

As for drive times, I am not fully sure. I know that Orlando is about 6 hours from Atlanta and (if memory serves) the Okees are a bit North (?) of there so... I've never been to Alabama so I can't help there

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Dear Havron,
We will be spending a fair amount of time in Apalachicola national forest, do you know then of any good sites to view? I think Tallahasee is not that far from there
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Dear Pyro,
I will contact you nearer the time. Maybe as things are getting hectic over here perhaps you send me your phone number and we can arrange something while out there. I am planning to be at Atlanta on 31st of July to go to the botanical gardens
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I do know of at least one site, but I don't remember it's exact location. I will find out by the time you're down here. Do you plan on letting me come along?
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havron dont you have school? :biggrin:
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In July?

Actually, yes, I will be taking a summer semester this year, but I could probably work something out.