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Sarracenia flowers & Freezing

Are Sarracenia flowers extra-sensitive to freezing? I live in mid-Missouri and for some strange reason, my S. oreophila x willisii is sending up a bud, although everything else is still pretty much dormant. I keep the plants outside unless temps are going to be lower than around 25. I was just wondering if I'm going to have be a little more protective of this plant, since there is at least a month and half before frost dangers are over. I did have one flower last year turn brown and die off, maybe because of a frost, but others survived.
I live in So. california and my sarracenias are already coming out of dormancy - all of them. Many already have their spring pitchers and are putting up flower stalks. The temps still dip below freezing but I havn't seen any damage on the plants. Maybe last year's old pitchers protect the new growth.

My oreophila seems to be putting out a bud to and I live in Atlanta so I'm guessing it is just "time" for it. I am just guessing but I would say the flower but should be fairly cold resistant given that oreo's are native to high mountain regions (or at least what the East considers high. Sorry but having lived in Colorado for 24 years everything out here is just a speed bump

What stage is the flower in? Bud,Opened? If it is a bud no harm should be done if it is frosted lightly. If it is a flower opened I don't think it would hurt it as S.Purpurea spp. Purpurea being native to my climate in NY State got frosted some nights and when I checked on it in the morning the flower was fine, inprime condition and I even got seed from it!
But freezing temps to about below 30 degress might hurt it. I would say just keep it warm and out of frost! All of my Sarracenia are out of dormancy except my S.Purpurea spp.Purpurea's which are in until spring. Here is a picture of my S.Flava var. Flava with it's large bud and ready to open soon. Of course it is one of the first pitcher plants to flower. So you can see the flower bud and my beautiful N.Truncata pitcher in the background. Keep in mind the flower stalk is very long and wiry and bending down to the wieght of the bud and as all Sarracenia flowers do but it is 10 inches long when I gently pulled it straight to measure it. Enjoy!
It makes me jealous to see other people's plants already growing. Where I'm at, nothing really happens until April. I'll post a pic of this flower when/if it ever opens. I'm kind of curious to see what the oreophila x willisii flower looks like, color-wise. Never seen one before. Probably will be an orangish-yellow based on the parentage, but you never know.