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I bought a bag of sand which I used to make my soil mix for planting both my Drosera seed and Gemma. However I did not realize at the time sand can contain minerals and lime? I was reading a thread that said we should use Silica sand.

How can I tell if the sand I had used is safe? It was sold at a local supermarket in the house plant section and the package states "Sand for soil conditioning" .

Thanks in advance for the help.
Nope, that sand should be ok to use.
but give it a small rinsing to get the dust out before you use it
Take a sample of sand and put vinegar on it. If it fizzes it probably contains lime and should not be used. I've tried this and I believe it works ok.
I put a couple spoon full in a cup and poured vinegar into it , the vinegar did bubble up a little.

Now seeing as I have already used this sand for my Drosera seeds and gemmae should I wait until they sprout and then transplant?
hmmm...I used some sand about 6 months ago that was labeled exactly like yours and it didn't seem to hurt my plants....try rinsing it and then do the lime test...I'm sorry I said the sand was ok...
(I'm still pretty sure it won't hurt your plants
I would wait till they sprout to transplant them, you'd never find the seeds