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Same Photoperiod?

I was just curious if anyone knows whether or not is important to keep the VFT on a light schedule. I'm a college student so my schedule is a little irregular. I manage to give the VFT somewhere between 12-16 hours of light from three 30 watt, 24" fluorescent bulbs. While I realize this is plenty of light, it is not by any means on a regular schedule. I don't have class until the afternoons on M-W-F, so the light does not get turned on until at least 11 am (same for the weekends). On Tues. and Thurs. however, I have a 9 am so I turn the light on about 8:15 am. The plant seems to be doing fine. It's throwing up four new traps as we speak. I am afraid that my inconsistent schedule may be detrimental to the plant in the long run. If anyone has had any experience with this, please let me know.
Regularity is good for the plants. They will grow fine as long as they are getting the light hours you are giving them. But if you hope to attain seed you need to try to simulate light hours like occur outside so that the plant gets a feeling of passing seasons. If you don't care about seed though then I wouldn't worry about it.
Get a plug-in timer, which will automatically turn the light on and off every day. Unless you live in a dorm room, in which case you probably don't want a light shining in your face at 7 a.m.