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S. x 'judith hindle'

I just have a quick question. I read somewhere that a judith hindle turns a deep redish purple color. I have one and i was wondering how long it takes for the pitchers to change color. Does the plant have to be a certain age before it does this, or does it change no matter how old it is?? Mine is about 4 yrs. old. Thanks!

sunlight is the key, just leave it in the sun for awhila and u got red
You can also get good color if you use enough artificial lighting. Here is a current photo of my plants that are under lights:


This photo shows what they looked like when I bought them (from pft):

This one is growing outdoors:
This one

is about two inches beneath the double shoplights i have.  I can tell by the change in the coloration of the leaves from top to bottom (about six inches) how much difference even that small distance makes in the amount of light the plant receives.

I LOVE this cultivar!
i can't til mines turns plum red . i keep mines outdoors with alot of hours of light but still its green as a cabbage .

Judith Hindle's sister from the same batch of seedlings!