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S.Purpurea Seed.

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
My Sarracenia Purpurea produced seed in Sept.22 2001 and I put it in the fridge in a clear plastic film canister up until now Oct.26 2001. I've been checking on it on intervals to ensure no fugus had started to wreak havoc. So can I sow now or is it too early still. If it isn't to early please tell me how to sow it. If it too early please give me a time until i can sow it. Thanks Nep.G.
was the seed just tossed into the canister dry? Stratifying seed takes place when the seed is in a moist environment and held at the proper temperature for a period of time. I am not an expert on stratifying Sarracenia seed but in general 6-8 weeks is the normal length of time for seeds needing stratifying.

Yes it was put in dry whoops
Maby it will still be okay I will wait to see what other members say. Thanks Tony.
First of all not an expert:
I did have success with ruba this past spring. I had seeds in an envelope in the fridge over the winter. This past march I brought them out and stratified the over peat with one of those mini greenhouses that I bought at wallmart. Fill partially with distilled water and kept them in the fridge for about 3 weeks.I later removed them and placed the tray in the kitchen area where light shines in thru the window a few hours a day. It took about a month for germination to occur. I almost gave up. I moved they tray to my terrariums and I currently have about 18 plants that are doing well. I did lose a few in the process. Plan to have then skip dormacy this year then put them out in the spring.
Anyone feel free to chime in :)
Okay Rob I will wait to see what anyone else says about my seeds if they are good now or no good. Nep.G.
Seeds should be fine Nep G. I am pretty sure Sarracenia store for quite a while. You will still need to stratify them though. I don't have experience with growing them from seed.. but you will need to sow them on moist potting mix and toss in the fridge in a sealed baggy for 6 weeks or so. You could also wrap them in moist papertowel and then sow after they stratify and are ready to germinate. Either way you would probably want to give them a shot of fungicide before sending them to the fridge.

They havce been in the fridge from Sept 22 up till now DRY SO what do I do now? Thanks Nep.G.
According to the Savage Garden.. You need to sow them on the surface of some Moist potting mix (peatmoss I guess.. or sphagnum or something) and toss in the fridge in a sealed container so they don't dry out. I would leave them for at least 4-6 weeks. Peter in the book also recommends spritzing them with fungicide before putting the pots in the fridge to stratify.


If you have alot of seed I would just do a portion and just keep the rest in a dry sealed container in the fridge. So you have spare seed to try again.
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I know this is the wrong forum- but does the same thing apply for Drosera seeds?

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Pat,only if they are temperate type Drosera. Ohter Doser'a expierence growing year roung and thiere seed should be sow immediately. NepG.
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funny thing about drosera... let them flower and disperse seed in a terrarium, and soon you have more than you know what to do with!
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Really? I'll have to try that! Thanks for the tip Rampuppy. Nep.G.