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S.purpurea purpurea f. heterophylla

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey all, I was wondering how do you tell if you have the f. Heterophylla form of Purpurea purpurea? I think, if I am remebering right, that Carl mazursaid to look at the growing point and if's it's green you've got one, he also said to see of the plant changes to other colors but green!
Thanks all, BTW, would anyone like a picture of the plant that I think is heterophylla? Thanks!
Hi NepG
It would probably help if you could post a pic of your plant.. here is a pic of mine...
Well I think the easiest way would be to wait till it flowers. If it ain't purple then its heterophylla
There are normal purpureas with yellow flowers, as the gene responsible for only the redness in the flower is absent.
Put it in as much sun as possible. There should be no trace of red whatsoever.
Just like Carl said, check the growth point. Any hint of red and it is not the f. heterophylla form. The plant in the photo definately is the plant in question.
I think it isn't it. Dagnabbit..
 I DID have a Heterophylla but it dried out on my and I lost it. Dangit.  
 Here a pic of it anyhow.

Must just be light deprived. Too bad...I thought it had a Heterophylla.  
I think that if they plant is damaged and it turns red it doesn't count as a heterophylla either.