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O.K. I bought an oreophila three years ago from a reputable dealer who sold it to me as oreophila but their's a problem. It has curved phillodia in winter, the pitchers look like all the pictures but they are only about four inches tall. The plant also forms clumps like rubra. Is this plant imature or maybe a hybrid?
The clumping habit is normal for oreophila and the strongly curved phyllodia would suggest to me that it is a true oreo. I have a mature (as in flowering) plant and its largest pitcher is only 7" so... I'm guessing that these plants are just normally smaller in cultivation.

Hi Jack,
Has your plant flowered yet? Usually mine grow between 15 to 20" tall.
My oreophila flowered, and the pitchers are only around 8" tall. However, for some reason, the slugs have really been picking on it this spring, so I don't know if it could have gotten bigger. The plant is a division from earlier this spring, so that might also be why the pitchers haven't gotten too big this year.