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S. flava varieties

Is it possible for some names, descriptions, and maybe pictures of the different flava varieties to be posted. I would like to know the differnces between a few of them, and this maybe helpful for others in the future.

These are the ones I know for sure

S. flava var cuprea, also known as "coppertop" has a copper like color to the lids.

S. flava var rubricopora, has a red tupe with green and red lid.

S. flava 'veined varieties', differing degrees of veining on the tube.

S. flava var maxima, is an all green variety?

Those are the ones I know.
Bobz, thank-you very much!
Here's a list and descriptions:

S. flava var. flava  - green pitchers with a red patch on the throat with reticulate veining around the outside.

S. flava var. rugelli - green pitchers with a prominant red throat patch which may be fragmented around the outside, but never has true veins spreading from it. The neck is also wider than with the other varieties.

S. flava var. maxima - all green pitchers with small amounts of red at the very base of the pitchers.

S. flava var. cuprea - copper coloured lids with pitchers that can be sparsely or heavily veined.

S. flava var. rubricorpora - red tube on the outside, green on the inside. Lids can be heavily or lightly veined. Often a concentration of red around the throat.

S. flava var. atropurpurea - the entire plant is red.

S. flava var. ornata - heavily veined throughout.

N.B. S. flava var. maxima isn't the same plant as S. flava var. flava 'Maxima', which is a particularly tall growing typical flava. S. flava var. maxima is also no taller growing than the other varieties.