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S. \'Evendine\'

I bought a plant a couple of months ago which the seller said was probably cv. 'Evendine', but he wsn't 100% sure. The Savage Garden description is a bit vague, but it's now flowered and the first pitchers are opening. The flower was a dark crimson red and the pitchers are crimson at the very bottom, turning green and then orange at the top. They seem to have the purpurea hood. Does anyone know what 'Evendine' looks like?
"Height 30-40 cm. Parentage: selected stocky form of 'typical Sarracenia leucophylla x (Sarracenia flava typ. red x Sarracenia purpurea)'. Flowers 6-7 cm in diameter - flame red. Pitchers when young a golden green ageing to well veined dark red (in full sun). Rich colours and bushy habit."

Used to know a site with the best photo's of cultivars I have seen, with a pic of 'Evendine'. Unfortunatly I cannot locate it. If I run into the site I will let you know.

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Hi Alexis,
I have a photo of it in Adrian Slack's first book; 'Carnivorous Plants'. It looks similar to a Mitcheliana backcrossed to flava(that is the actual parentage) and the lid is angled over the mouth of the pitcher. Characteristics of the plany is the way it progressively colours up from a variegated leaf to pure deep crimson as the pitcher ages.

I can show you the picture when you come down on July 6th
Thanks Mike. The annoying thing is that I ordered Adrian Slack's book from the library before Christmas, before I received the plant. If I could look on the open day it would be useful, thanks.
Hi Alexis,
No problem, perhaps you could bring the plant with you on the day to compare?
Yep, I'll bring the plant if I can't get a positive ID before July. I'm sure a bunch of Sarracenia experts should be able to help