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"rust spot" fungus


Far too old to grow up now.
Just wondering how this fungus is spread from one plant to another. Is it airborne, or does it require a host? Would contact of an infected leaf with the soil of another plant cause infection?

Sorry for the stream of questions.
I think a couple of my plants may have this if it is rust colored spots and/or welts on the leaves.

My questions is, how is it cured? I want to get rid of the stuff!

Cureing is easy, I have found 3336 Cleary works wonderfully.

This is going to sound really weird but I am trying to intentionally infect a plant. I want to make sure that without a doubt the plant has come in contact with the disease.
Do these spots look like "burns"? My N.Tobaica has some "burn" spots on them...
they are usually "rust coloured" with a lighter almost yellowish edge.
hi all:

When we say "rust spots": are these tiny and round or blotches??. For the blotches, yes, they are most likely fungus for the round tiny ones: Well, I have a plant with these and they have not spread or killed the plant: I don't really know what these are. Possibly excess light.

For rust spots, try a systemic fungicide. I'd try a spot first to make sure your plant can tolerate it. Don't spray it all over the plant until you are sure that this agent is safe for your plant!!.