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Rubra digestion

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Hi, I noticed that a fly has entered of one my rubra’s pitcher. I was wondering if the fly can be digested about 2/3s down the pitcher, as the fly is stuck at that length. Also, shining a flashlight through the pitcher, I noticed a pool of enzymes near the bottom; will I need to push the fly all the way down there?
Nature is nature. This probably happens all the time in nature that the pitcher did not develope to a large enought size yet to accomidate larger prey. This is called the worried 'mother syndrome.' The Mother (you) is worried her child is not eating properly and will not grow up to be big and strong. I suffer from this syndrome myself, this is how I know. I have a thin bamboo stick I push the trapped inscets down into the pitchers with. Be careful you do not push to hard or that the stick is to large. You will split the pitchers as I have done on many an occasion. Sometimes it is best just to leave things alone. You could add a touch of water to the pitcher to bring the level up to the fly. See! I cannot leave it alone.
When I notice bugs have gotten in my plant I'll look an the fuids are at the bottom and the fly is stuck above the fluid. Yet, the fluid somhow gets to the bug because later when other bugs fall in they get digested. I think(just an educated guess) that the walls of the plant may secrete the fluid. I would'nt know how they "know" to srcrete but that's just my guess. I could be very wrong though.

i would think that the bug will have disolved a bit over the enzymes
causing it to fall in after a while
Thanks to all your replies. It is strange how I have mother's syndrome for plants (out of all things&#33
. I'll be patient and wait a few days to see what the plant will do to the carcass.