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Rl7836 growlist

Jan 5, 2005
New Jersey, USA
RL7836 growlist

All of the plants are gone (see here for details). I'll leave this here as a record of what once was & for those who might have an interest in some of the pics. Enjoy!


>>>>> I may not be easily available on TF for a while - but I can be reached @ RL7836(at symbol)Yahoo(dot)com -- (along with other changes, I recently killed off the old Centurylink / Embarq internet provider & switched to the demon-seed Comcast - so I can truly learn to irrationally hate a company & enjoy doing it) <<<<<

- all blue words are clickable pics of the plants (including those <----)
- red number on Sarrs is a code which correlates with my personal tracking system

S. purpurea ssp purpurea 20 [DC]
S. purpurea ssp purpurea 'veinless', Grey County, ON 20A [GK] Pic Info
S. purpurea ssp purpurea, Bergen Swamp, West NY State (near Rochester) Genesee County20B [DB]
S. purpurea ssp venosa 22[DC]
S. purpurea ssp venosa "Brunswick Beauty" 22A[NZ] Clump w/ flower Top view Showing color contrast
S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii, Cooks Bayou, Bay County, FL 23[CM] Pic Pic
S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii, Baldwin County, AL 23B[RS]
S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii, Crestview site, FL 23E[WA]
S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii f. luteola 23C[BZ] Babies Largest on 08.18.09
S. purpurea ssp venosa var burkii f. luteola 23D[CG]
S. purpurea ssp venosa var montana, Henderson County, NC 21[PS] Pic Pic
S. purpurea ssp venosa var montana 21A[AM via HL via BZ] Pic Pic
S. purpurea ssp venosa var montana, Transylvania County, NC 21B[JL] Pic Pic Location now in question.
S. oreophila, Dekalb County, AL 30[PW] Pic Pic
S. oreophila, Sand Mountain, AL 31[FC] Pic Pic
S. oreophila, Towns County, GA 32[LO/SM] (seedlings)
S. flava var rubricorpora (red tube), Apalachicola, FL 40[CM] CL2 (left) CL1 (Right) CL3 Pic Pic
S. flava var rubricorpora (red tube), Apalachicola, FL 40A[RS] Young
S. flava var ornata, NC (vertical lid, strong veining) 41[PW] Pic Pic Pic
S. flava var ornata, North Walton County, FL (Wilkersons Bog) 41A[VH]
S. flava var ornata, Bay County, FL (red-lip, very heavy veins) 44[CM] Pic Pic Pic Fusing veins
S. flava var ornata, Prince George County, VA 49[JL]Pair Pic
S. flava var ornata, Sussex County, VA 49A[SD]
S. flava var atropurpurea (all red), Cooks Bayou, Bay County, FL 43[PS] Pic Pic
S. flava var atropurpurea (all red), Walton County, FL 43A[SM]
S. flava var atropurpurea (all red), North Liberty County, FL 43B[CT] Teenager
S. flava var cuprea (coppertop w/ huge deep red lid) ["Kimber Red Ruffles"]46 Lids Clump Lids Pair Lids
S. flava 'copper blush', Charleston County, SC 46A[JR] Pic
S. flava var cuprea, Horry County, SC 46B[RS] Pic Pic
S. flava var cuprea, North Walton County (Wilkerson's Bog), FL 46C[VH]
S. flava ‘bronze’ 48[JBL]{Meadowbrook - probable hybrid] Clump Lids Pic Pic Blooms
S. flava var maxima, Brunswick County, NC 42[RS] Pic Pic
S. flava var rugelii (small throat patch), ****** Bayou, Bay County, FL 47[FC] Pic
S. flava var rugelii (small throat patch), Thomas County, GA 47A[DB]Pic Pitchers
S. flava 'cut throat', Wewahitchka Gulf County, FL 45[CM]
S. rubra ssp alabamensis 51C[RS] Pic
S. rubra ssp alabamensis, Chilton County, AL 51[CM]Clump
S. rubra ssp alabamensis, AL001-51A, AL002-51D, AL003-51B [ICPS via BZ]
S. rubra rubra, NC (long lid) 50[PW] Clump
S. rubra rubra, Brunswick County, NC 50A[SM]
S. rubra ‘jonesii’ 52[DC]
S. rubra ‘jonesii’ 52A[BZ]
S. rubra ‘wheryii’ 53
S. rubra ‘gulfensis’ 54[BM]
S. rubra ‘gulfensis’ 54A[BZ]
S. rubra ssp. gulfensis, Crestview site, Okaloosa County, FL 54B[GK] Clump
S. rubra ssp. gulfensis 'ancestral form', Crawford County, GA 54C[RS]
S. 'Harvest of Gold' (J. Hummer cultivar - S. rubra ssp. alabamensis x S. rubra ssp. gulfensis) 55[BZ] Pitcher
S. psittacina, Liberty County, FL 60[FC] Plant
S. psittacina, ****** Bayou, Bay County, FL 61B [WB]
S. psittacina, large growing plant, infrequently divides 61A[RS] Plant
S. psittacina, large plant 61C[YR]
S. minor 70
S. minor, Long County, GA 70A[JH]Pic
S. minor, Long County, GA 70B[FC]
S. minor, Wayne County, GA 70C[BZ]
S. minor, Thomas County, GA 70D[DB]
S. minor, BerkleyCounty, SC 70E[DB]
S. minor, Clay County, GA 70F[CW]
S. minor ‘Okee Giant’ 71Group Pic
S. leucophylla 80CL1 CL2
S. leucophylla, Okaloosa County, FL, Crestview Tower Site [extirpated] 80A[BG] Pic Pitcher Pitcher
S. leucophylla, 80B[BM] Clump Pitcher
S. leucophylla, Franklin County, FL 80C[BM] Pitcher
S. leucophylla, Hurricane Creek, AL 80D[CG] Pitcher
S. leucophylla, Garcon Point, Santa Rosa County, FL 80E [WB]
S. leucophylla, Washington Coounty, AL 80F [VH]
S. alata, Robertson County, TX [CM] (gone)
S. alata, Tyler County, TX (Big Thicket National Preserve)[MH] (gone)
S. alata, Covington, LA (St. Tammany Parish) 85B[ST]
S. alata - red/black, Stone County, MS 85C[BG]
S. alata 'black', Harrison County, MS 85D[RS] clone 9501 Pic Pic
S. 'Adrian Slack'
S. 'Reptilian Rose'
Thread on Purp Tray - lots of diversity in one pic....

Miniature Orchids - the beginning of a new obsession .... :scratch:
--- Interesting thread
Porroglossum teaguei [JP] 112712
Sigmatostalix ibis [JP] 011913
Trichosalpinx chamaelepanthes red [JP]
Masdevallia limax [JP]
Dracula lotax [JP]

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Jan 5, 2005
New Jersey, USA
RL7836 growlist

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D. anglica, Alakai Swamp, Kauai, HI [AM]
D. binata, Peter Murrell Reserve, Kingston, Tasmania [JW]
D. schizandra [ML] Flower close-up Flower side Plant Top Side Aerial roots Under Dome Babies Babies 2
- - - D. schizandra thread - truly the Queen of the Dews
D. adelae
D. prolifera [KM] Plants
D. rotundifolia
D. regia [TK] 111510 arrival
D. regia [ICPS seedbank]
- - - D. regia leaf propagation thread
D. filiformis 'all red', Washington County, FL[BM]
D. capensis 'alba' [MS]
D. capensis 'alba' x D. aliciae [AM]
D. x hybrida (filiformis*intermedia), Burlington County, NJ [SS] Pic Sprouts from water propagation
D. x hybrida (filiformis*intermedia), Butterfly Valley, CA [JB]
D. x beleziana (intermedia*rotundifolia), Ocean County, NJ
D. x beleziana (intermedia*rotundifolia), tetraploid [WA]
D. latifolia (was D. ascendens) Serra de Ponta Grossa, City of Campo Largo, Parana State, Brazil [CR] sown 041508 Older Older
D. graomogolensis, Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil Arrival Showing color
D. roraimae, southeast ridge of Cerro Adaua [JR]
D. tomentosa [AM] Pic Stalk Flower
D. ultramafica x spatulata [AM] (was D. ultramafica - but revised due to recent revelations) 083112

Cephalotus follicularis cv. 'Hummer's Giant' [CB]April plant 1 April plant 2 April plant 3 April plant 4 Indoor plants Indoor plant Outside tray
- - - - All the pics are different plants but notice the characteristically-wide HG 'midrib'
Unusual pitchers/leaves - Flattened pitcher Side view Aberrant trap Aberrant leaf Aberrant leaf Aberrant leaf Aberrant leaf Aberrant leaf Aberrant leaf Aberrant leaf Unusual form - view1 Unusual form - view2 Unusual form - view3 Unusual form - view4 Mini-pocket-leaves
Cephalotus follicularis "Czech Giant" [RS] Giant 1st adult pitcher 110811 Comparison - Czech Giant vs HG seedling
Cephalotus follicularis "Emu Point" [RS]
Cephalotus follicularis "Big Boy" [RS] 111512
Cephalotus follicularis "typical" [MM] very red
Cephalotus follicularis "typical" [JL] little guys Coloring
Cephalotus follicularis "Eden Black x self" [SM] seedlings germinating late 2012 & early 2013
Cephalotus follicularis "Big Boy x self x Eden Black" [SM] seedlings germinating late 2012 & early 2013
Cephalotus follicularis "Ceph 1" [JB] SG
Cephalotus follicularis, Denbarker, WA, Aus (most inland population) "Ceph D1" [JB] SG

H. chimantensis, Chimanta Tepui, VZ [JH] Plant 122111 Plant 122111
H. collina (formerly Foothills Testigos) located at base of the four Tepuis of the Los Testigos massif, VZ (AW clone)[TW] Plant Pitcher Plant-adult Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher
H. elongata, Ilu Tepui, VZ (AW clone) [TK] tiny plant
H. heterodoxa, Gran Sabana, VZ (BCP clone)
H. hispida, Cerro Neblina [JR] (small plant)
H. huberi, Amuri Tepui, VZ (AW clone) [TW] Plant 082811 Pitcher
H. minor 'Red' Wistuba [BT] Baby 121509
H. nutans, Wei Tepui, VZ (clone from seedgrown plant) [AS]
H. nutans, Kukenam Tepui, Venezuela [KG] Plant 122111 Pitcher golden 122111 Pitcher golden 122111 Pitcher red 122111
H. pulchella, Akopan Tepui, VZ (EP clone) [BT] Baby 121509 Front 121509 Back Hairy Hairy too
H. pulchella, Akopan Tepui, VZ (AW clone) [JH] Pitcher 122111 Pitchers 110712
H. pulchella, Apacapa Tepui, VZ (AW clone) [RS]
H. pulchella, Chimanta Tepui, VZ (BCP clone) (small plant)
H. uncinata, Amuri Tepui, Venezuela (AW clone) [TW]

Utricularia - little weed section
U. pubescens - Serra Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil [BCP] Flowers-front Flowers-front Flowers-side Split lobe top Split lobe under Flower-front Flower-side Foliage Foliage Foliage-side Flowers Gone - gave away Resurrected

Utricularia - Iperua & Orchidioides & Chelidon
- - - Orchidioides discussion thread (with travelogues & growing articles)
U. alpina 'Pittier Moon' [TW] Stalk 092511 Top two flowers 092511 Front 092511 Side 092511 Top 092511
U. alpina [AB] 011511
U. alpina [MF] 052613 052613
U. alpina [TW] 011511
U. asplundii [TW] 011511
U. asplundii, Chiwinda, Ecuador Plant Seed Plant & flowers Flowers - short lobe Flowers short lobe Flower - long lobe Flower - long lobe Flower - long lobe on stem Flower comparison - long lobe vs short lobe
U. asplundii x U. jamesoniana (my cross) Flower - front Flower - side Flower - 3/4 Plant (tuber on lower right)
U. campbelliana, Cerro Roraima, VZ [HFF]** Plant 022612 082312 Flower Flower-plant Flowers Flowers Flowers-side Flower-closeup Flower tunnel Slab
U. endresii [BCP] 011511 Plant & flower Flower front Flower side/back Flower-comparison w/asplundii Flower-inside Flower-developing
U. geminiloba [BCP] 042411 011511 in LFS 122510 in LFS 122510 in peat-based media Discussion thread w/ flower pics
U. humboldtii [JF/BMR] (SG) 011511 Arrival (note aerial runner) Large Flower - almost front Flower - 3/4 side
U. humboldtii, broad leafs, Cerro Neblina [BCP] 011511 Fern
U. humboldtii [BCP-misc clone] 011511
U. jamesoniana, Antioquia, Columbia, 1900 a.s.l. [BCP] Treefern 010911 Treefern 052812 Flower front Flower 3/4 Side Tubers Seeds Flower
U. mannii, Mount Cameroon, Cameroon, Africa, 2000 m a.s.l. [KP] Foliage
U. nelumbifolia [TP/BCP] 011511 Leaves Flower-front Flower-front Flower-front Flower-front Flower-side Flower-internal
U. nelumbifolia [MS]
U. nephrophylla [DN] Arrival Foliage Flower Flower Flower-side Flower-Triclops Seed
U. nephrophylla x U. nelumbifolia (my cross) Plant 080512 stalk flower front flower 3/4 flower side flower side closeup Flower in situ Flower stalk (43") Flower comparison Flowers Flower
U. nephrophylla x U. reniformis (my cross) Seedlings Flower 092213 Foliage collage
U. praetermissa [BCP] flower front flower 3/4 flower side
U. reniformis [TW] Seedlings Not seedling anymore Summer outside
U. reniformis [BZ] large form Swollen rolons
U. reniformis f. courte [DN] Arrival 010410 Flower 3/4 Flower-front Flower-left Flower-right Flower-top Plant Flower front Flower 3/4 Flower 3/4 Flower side Seeds
U. reniformis 'small form' [AB] 043011
U. reniformis 'Enfant Terrible' [JM]
U. quelchii, Ilu Tepui [BCP] Flower 053115 Comparison w/ BCP clone
U. quelchii [BCP] 011511 071611 022113 Flower Flower - close-up Flower 053115 Comparison w/ BCP clone
U. 'Jitka' [RS] (U. quelchii (female) with U. praetermissa (male)) Tiny plant 011211

N. argentii, summit ridge of Mt. Guiting-Guiting, Sibuyan, Philippines (AW clone) [ZM] 112210 1st pitcher Plant 111511 Pitcher 111511 Plant 121711 Pitcher 121711 Pitcher 121711 Tendril 121711 Teeth 040312
- - - N. argentii discussion thread
N. argentii (BE clone) [MF] Plant 042713
N. aristolochioides [TP] (BE clone) Confirmed female Plant Pitcher
N. aristolochioides [PR] (SG) Confirmed male Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher Developing flower
N. attenboroughii [JH] Seedlings
N. bongso (SG) [PB] Seedlings 110712
N. burbidgeae (SG) [RS] Arrival Front Side Plant
N. fusca (SG) [RS] Arrival - plant Pitcher Pitcher 012613 Peristome012613 Upper 010214
N. glabrata (SG) [CL]
N. glabrata [JP] (AW clone)
N. hamata, Gunung Lumut, Sulawesi [TW] - - Growth progression pics since arrival:
- - Clone 1 012509 031209 043009 062009 081209
- - Clone 2 012509 031209 043009 062009 081209
- - - - Hamata Growth Progression thread with lots of adult pitchers
N. hamata (SG) [LL] small plant 052712 101612
N. hamiguitanensis, Mount Hamiguitan, Mindanao, Philippines [TW] Youngster
N. inermis, Mt. Gadut, Sumatra (AW clone) [TW] Plant 123111 Pitcher 123111 Pitcher 101412 Pitcher 102612 Upper-front Upper-back Upper-top Upper on cutting Upper in clutter
N. inermis, Mt.Talang, West Sumatra - seedlings
N. izumiae (SG) [TW] Showing color 012613
N. lowii, Mt. Trusmadi (BE clone) [JK] 122110 Interesting thread
N. jamban [MP] Arrival 1st pitcher Pitcher 030611 Pitcher slime
N. jamban (SG) [PB] Seedlings 110712
N. jacquelineae [LL] 112512 pitcher side pitcher upper side pitcher top
N. lingulata (BE clone) [DM] 102912
N. ovata (BE clone) [TP]
N. singalana (SG) Pasaman, West Sumatra [JM] Seedlings 110712
N. spectabilis (SG) Mount Pangulubao, Sumatra [MB] Seedlings 110712
N. tenuis [TW] Plant 120410 Pitcher Pitcher 110811 3/4 030512 3/4 030512 Front 030512 Side 030512 Top 030612 In-situ 032812
N. robcantleyi, (SG from BE) Mindanao, Philippines [TP] QoH x KoS (also called Royal or Black truncata), Arrival 1 month 2 month 3 month 4 month Showing color
N. robcantleyi, (SG from BE) Mindanao, Philippines [PJ] QoH x KoS (also called Royal or Black truncata), 071212 052613 052613
- - - N. robcantleyi discussion thread
N. veitchii (SG) [RS] Arrival
N. veitchii-K (EP clone)[ZS]
N. vogelii (BE clone) [JG] 052712 110712
Death Garden

In general - I'm not a fan of hybrids - here's why - here & here from this thread

Why U. subulata & U. bisquamata (weed version) are not welcome in my collection ...

** HFF = Holding for Friend
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Jan 5, 2005
New Jersey, USA
Gone away - these are plants, that for one reason or another, I no longer grow. Some died, some I gave away, some I traded away & some I sold for charity.
--- creating this area for plants that are gone is probably mostly nostalgia but also a bit of a reminder of what once was, as well as a haven for pics. Sometimes, seeing this area can act as a catalyst for getting a plant back that I really enjoyed growing. In addition, it frees up space in the posts above since they keep hitting max size restrictions (this is the part that pushed me to do something).

Cephalotus follicularis "German Giant" [RS] 110811 022612 Gone
Cephalotus follicularis "Squat" [RS] 110811 022612 022612 Comparison - Squat vs HG Gone
Cephalotus follicularis - seedlings from 'Hummer's Giant' Seedlings 3.8.09 Seedlings 5.5.09 110811 Day 1 seedling 122211 Seedlings on 123111 Seedlings on 022512 Comparison - Czech Giant vs HG seedling

D. anglica, Kanaele Bog, Kauai, HI [AM] Gone
D. sessilifolia [SB] Pic Gone
D. camporupestris, Serra do Cipo, Minas Gerais, Brazil [AM] 050410 Gone
D. nidiformis [RS] Gone
D. villosa, Serra do Ibitipoca, Brazil [ICPS SB] sown 041508, seedlings now present Seedlings Bigger Gone
D. ascendens, Serra de Quiriri, City of Garuva, Santa Catarina State, Brazil [CR] Pic Gone
D. ascendens, Campos do Jordao, Brazil [PM] seedlings Seedlings Gone
D. ultramafica [JB] SeedlingsGone - gave away

Petiolaris Complex - the Royalty of the Dews
D. kenneallyi Pic Pic Pic Flower Flower
D. ordensis Pic
D. petiolaris 'Red' Pic Pic
D. falconeri Pic Aberrant plant
D. derbyensis Pic
D. paradoxa Pic
D. broomensis Pic
D. 'Ladle' Pic Pic

H. folliculata, Kamakaiwaran Tepui, VZ (AW clone) [MM] Gone - gave away
H. folliculata, Murosipan Tepui, VZ (AW clone)[JT] Plant 121711 Pitcher 121711 Nectar spoon 121711 Gone (fleabay'ed for charity)
H. pulchella, Amuri Tepui, VZ (AW clone) [RS] Plant 102011 Pitcher 102011 Pitcher 102011 Gone
H. sarracenioides, Ptari Tepui (AW clone) [ZS] Plant 121711 Pitcher front 121711 Pitcher side 121711 Gone
H. spec "Angasima" VZ (AW clone) [ZS] Plant Pitcher-front Pitcher-side Pitcher-3/4 Gone
H. "Tequila" [JT] Front Back Top Stalk Pitcher Pitcher Gone (fleabay'ed for charity)
H. minor [SG] Pic 121509 Pic
H. minor, Auyan Tepui, VZ [BCP] 121509

N. izumiae (AW clone) [GW] Plant 022612 Pitcher 051312 Gone - gave away
N. maxima (was BE N. eymae clone 2) [KK] Arrival Pitcher Another pitcher Peristome Drool Gone - gave away

Utricularia - Iperua & Orchidioides
U. alpina x U. endresii [TW] 011511 in LFS Flower 031712 Flower 031712 Gone - gave away

Utricularia - little weed section
U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' [BCP] Flower-front Flower angle-front Flower side Flower size comparison with weed Gone - gave away
U. bisquamata [RS] Flower-front Flower-side Flower-scale Foliage gone (gave away)
U. blanchetii - white flower, Chapada do Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil [RS] Flower-front Flower-front Flower-front Flower-side Flower-side Foliage Gone - gave away
U. graminifolia [RS] Arrival In water Traps Flower-side Flower-angle Flower-front Flower-front-top Gone - gave away
U. livida [RS] Flower-front Flower-side Flowers Foliage Flowers-group-front Flowers-group-side Gone - NASC
U. longifolia, Catoles, Brazil [RS] Plant & flower 121711 Flower 121711
U. longifolia [BZ] Pic Flower-front Flower-side Stalk Flowers // Plant & Flowers Flowers Flower Flower Flower side Flower back Gone - gave away
U. praelonga [??] Foliage-top Foliage-side Leaves close-up Gone - gave away
U. sandersonii "blue" [RS] Flower-front Flower-side Foliage Gone - gave away
U. sandersonii "white" [BZ] Flowers Foliage Gone - NASC
U. tricolor [RS] Foliage
U. uniflora [RS] Flower-front Flower-side Flower-3/4 Foliage Whole plant Gone - gave away
U. warburgii, Zhejiang, SE China [RS/BCP] Flowers 011412 Flower - front 010912 Flower - side 010912 Flower perspective 010912 Foliage 010912 Foliage hanger 010912 Gone - gave away
U. welwitschii [BCP] Flower-front Flower-3/4's Flower-side Flower-side Foliage Gone - gave away

VFT - Dingley Red/Purple [CB] Pic Pic
VFT - Carolina Red Trap [CB]
VFT - Cup Trap [CB] gone
VFT - Charles 'Big Red' [CB]
VFT - Red Dragon [TH]
VFT - Royal Red [DC]
VFT - Fused Tooth [CB] Pic Pic Pic Pic
VFT - Shark Tooth [CB]
VFT - Saw Tooth [CB]
VFT - Hennings Giant [CB]Tri-lobe variant
VFT - Red Pirahna [DC]
VFT - Blood Red [SD]
VFT - Banded [SD]
VFT - Green Dragon [PFT]
VFT - Long Red Fingers [TP] Pic Pic
VFT - Wacky Traps [FC] gone
VFT - Cross Teeth [Triffid Park]
VFT - Big Mouth [Triffid Park & PP] Pic
VFT - Crested Petioles [Triffid Park] Pic
VFT - Dutch [PP]
VFT - Burgundy (aka: Giant upright) [PP]
VFT - Red Jaws [PP]
VFT - Fine tooth x red [PP] Pic
VFT - Petite Dragon [BZ] Pic
VFT - Petite Dragon x Petite Dragon [BZ]

P. gypsicola [JC] tiny
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