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Reverse What?

Alright I have a few vft, pitchers, and little sticky things but I may have contaminated my tank. I used cheap (really cheap) dirt, peet moss, and regular filtered water from a carbon style drip pitcher. I don't have to ask if I should repot because of the dirt but how about the water? It doesn't rain all that often in utah and the closest thing I have to a distiller is my esspresso machine. So where do I get water? Also how do I keep it humid without causing fungis? I leave the tank closed and I get fungis, if it is open at all my plants dry out.

Can't answer about the fungus but the water should be purchased distilled water or water purified through reverse osmosis. Both are available at your local grocery store. No spring water, tap water, or mineral water. Filtered water (through Brita or something similar) only removes the larger particles in the tap water....

I'm trying to figure out the fungus/mold thing myself right now also...

Have fun...


Welcome to the Forums Joseph

Most grocery stores purified water of some sort. Distilled or RO. Whichever you buy, make sure it doesn't have stuff added for flavoring. Some stores have a large RO dispensing machine. Which, after you buy a container, is pretty cheap. My local Wal Mart, charges 33¢/gal for refills.
Alright that covers water, what about a small humidifier? I saw mention of some that are adjustable, where do I buy one?

thanks again
Also my tank temp runs as high as 90-95 degrees (welcome to the dessert). Is this a fatal temp? I'm using cool bulbs and no sun so I'm not sure how I would get it any cooler other than a fan that would drop my humidity too much. Suggestion?

Someone new to terrariums.
One last question. The fertalizing non-fertalizer hormone stuff that this site sells. Is it really safe and does it help?
If you have things in a tank,

YOu don't need a humidifier.

What kind of fungus/mold are you getting? What color

Superthrive is not a fertilizer, it is more of a hormone. So, in theory, the hormones and vitamins are to make the roots larger, which will in turn make bigger plants.

I am currently working on a small expierement with:

1 tray: control
1 tray: miracid
1 tray: superthrive

The 2 trays that are receiving something 'other than water' are sprayed on the leaves only (foliar feeding ).

I have only been doing it for a couple of months.

I can say that I used some plants like looked like they were on their way out. They are all doing really well. Many new traps and new growth.

I would have tossed them out. But I thought that I would give them their 'last chance'.

Hope that helps