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Reveresing dormancy

there are some cp website selling cps such as vfts that are still in thee dormant stage that came from australia .meaning they had there dormancy the opposite time as we had ours . can i somehow everse it so that i can make my plant havr dormancy the same time as all the rest of my plants need it or will i just have to let it have its dormancy when it requires it in the summer . this is quite confusing .
I bet it can be done. I think the plant may grow slower though. You might risk losing the plant, but usually skipping one dormancy period doesn't kill the plant. That is if you can reverse the process.

Good luck, I hope I helped
If you had your own timed light setup, you could gradually ease it into a new light cycle. Some plants may be easier to trick into dormancy than others. Like you could go to a 10 month, or 8 month year and in a year or two have it back on your schedule. Personally I'd just throw it with your other plants and let the plant figure it out.